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Construction Work and Traumatic Brain Injuries

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While there are many dangerous jobs, perhaps none are more dangerous than those found on construction sites. Each year, thousands of workers at construction sites are seriously injured on the job, with many suffering blows to the head that result in traumatic brain injuries. These injuries, commonly referred to as TBIs, are defined by doctors as head injuries that lead to disruption of normal brain function, and are responsible for over 30% of all injury-related U.S. deaths. When these injuries occur on a construction site, the results can be devastating for the worker as well as their family. If you or a loved one have suffered a TBI while working in construction, here is how a Los Angeles construction accident lawyer from Grey Law can help in gaining compensation for TBI.
Based on data from the Department of Labor, the two most common causes of construction zone traumatic brain injuries are falls and blunt trauma. When falls occur, it is often due to ladders and scaffolding not being secured, a lack of personal fall equipment, or flooring not being properly stabilized. In addition, struck-by accidents that result in blunt trauma happen when workers are struck in the head by moving objects, such as those falling from above or from equipment such as cranes or forklifts. Another cause of these injuries is caught-between accidents, which can happen when a trench collapses or when a worker is pinned by a piece of equipment. Though these accidents may not directly hit their head, they lead to acquired brain injuries due to a lack of oxygen. Finally, if a worker is electrocuted, the result is damaged nerve endings due to burns and lesions on the brain. Since these injuries severely impact one’s quality of life for years to come, always seek compensation by consulting with Grey Law, a construction injury attorney Los Angeles residents trust.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries
While most people assume there is only one type of TBI, there are actually three. The first is a closed brain injury, which can happen when a person’s head snaps back and forth or comes into contact with another object, which can occur when an object falls from above onto a floor. As a result, brain tissues and nerve endings are damaged. As for open brain injuries, these happen when a sharp object actually penetrates the person’s skull and injures the brain. Finally, acquired brain injuries are those that occur through such means as a loss of oxygen, leading to extensive brain damage. In virtually all these situations, negligence is to blame for the TBI, which is why you should work with a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles TBI victims trust, such as Grey Law.

Effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries
When a construction worker suffers a TBI, the effects are long-lasting and often permanent. Whether they suffer an open, closed, or acquired brain injury, workers usually have great difficulty with movement, memory, and communication. Because of this, numerous tasks that were once taken for granted suddenly becomes very difficult if not impossible to accomplish. These can include remembering names of family and friends, speaking, or even walking or using one’s arms. As a result, the quality of life is greatly diminished, which in turn can lead to emotional and psychological problems as well. Since significant compensation will be needed to provide for long-term care, always work with a construction accident lawyer Los Angeles TBI victims and their families trust with these matters, such as Grey Law.

Returning to Work
Unfortunately, after a construction worker suffers a TBI, returning to work is usually not an option due to the physical and mental limitations resulting from the injury. Due to this, compensation will be needed to replace current and future lost income. Therefore, rely on an attorney at Grey Law, a construction accident lawyer Los Angeles victims know will fight hard for their compensation.

Types of Compensation
When pursuing a lawsuit for a TBI, compensation will be needed for various damages. Along with past, present, and future medical expenses as well as current and future lost income, compensation will be needed to cover pain and suffering, emotional turmoil, and even loss of consortium that can happen between spouses. To get this much-needed compensation, put your trust in Grey Law, a construction injury attorney Los Angeles victims know has a track record of success in these cases.

Since these injuries are life-altering, always hold those responsible for their negligence accountable for their actions by working with a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles residents trust, such as Grey Law. To discuss your case in greater detail, schedule a consultation with Grey Law, a Los Angeles construction accident lawyer victims and families know will always fight hard to obtain the compensation they need and deserve.

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