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When Should I Sue For A Dog Bite?

Learn How a Dog Bite Lawyer Los Angeles Can Help You

You should be able to walk the streets and sidewalks in your community without being attacked by a dog. Owners have an obligation to keep their pets under control. If you have been injured in such an attack, then you will need to take immediate and decisive action. You should contact an attorney to explore your options.

The Compensation You Can Claim

No matter the severity of the attack, you should go to a hospital afterwards. You will need to get the wound treated, and you will need to be put on a course of antibiotics to prevent an infection and the onset of rabies. If you were badly mauled by a dog, you may need to spend days and weeks in the hospital. You may also need to undergo complex surgeries to restore your health. This can be expensive and can put you in strained financial circumstances.

The good news is that you can claim compensation. Most states have tort laws that deal specifically with dog bite injuries. You can claim damages for medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses associated with your injuries. If you have been permanently disabled by a dog bite, then you can press the dog owner and their insurance company for the kind of settlement that will allow you to cover your expenses and rebuild your life.

When To Sue In A Dog Bite Case

You must remember that your goal is to get compensation. This need not be done through a lawsuit. Your domestic dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles will help you navigate these matters.

The insurance company of the dog owner may offer you an initial settlement. You should not accept it without consulting your attorney. If the offer is too low, your lawyer will advise you to reject it. In fact, your Los Angeles personal injury attorney will enter negotiations with the insurance company with a figure already in mind. The amount of money they ask for will be based on their valuation of the case—that is, whatever your medical costs, loss of wages, and pain and suffering remuneration add up to.

If the respondent agrees to pay this sum or something close to it, your lawyer will advise you to settle. There are many advantages to settling. They include:

  • The fast resolution of your case
  • The fast receipt of your money
  • Lower attorney fees

You Will Also Avoid The Emotional Toll Of Being Dragged Through A Trial.

If the insurance company refuses to meet your attorney’s demand, then the latter will advise you to file suit. You may want to go to trial anyway if you think the jury will award you a larger sum than the settlement offer. However, there may be complications to the case that can work against you. It is important to listen carefully to the advice of your attorney. They will steer you in the right direction and ensure that you get the best compensation package possible.

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