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Pedestrian Hit By A Car? Here Are Your Legal Options

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Whether you have decided to take a stroll around your neighborhood after a long day at work or are walking through a city while shopping or heading to an appointment, you are certainly not expecting to be hit by a car. However, even in the safest of situations, it is possible this could happen. When it does, you will not only be facing serious injuries and a long period of recuperation, but also the loss of income from your job. As a result, you may need to hire the services of Grey Law. By hiring a Los Angeles personal injury attorney to represent you, the chances of gaining compensation to cover your damages greatly increases. But to make sure your personal injury lawsuit is strong enough to win, make sure you listen closely to your experienced Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney so that you fully understand your legal options.

Immediate Steps

As to what to do if a pedestrian gets hit by a car, there are several immediate steps you should always take while at the accident scene. Along with calling police so that they can investigate the accident and file an accident report, you should also try to take photos of the scene that include the car that hit you, nearby traffic lights and crosswalks if any, and other important details. Also, don’t forget to speak to witnesses at the scene, and always obtain their contact information so that your lawyer can conduct follow-up interviews later on.

The Importance of Medical Treatment

First and foremost, you should always seek medical treatment as soon as possible after your accident. Along with getting treated by paramedics at the accident scene, also get treated at an ER for any serious injuries you sustained. If you refuse or delay medical treatment, insurance companies and any jury that may hear your personal injury case will assume you were not seriously injured, lessening the chances you and your pedestrian injury compensation lawyer who Los Angeles clients trust will walk away as winners in the case.

Paying Medical Bills

In almost all pedestrian accidents where victims are struck by a car, serious injuries such as broken bones, brain injuries, neck and back injuries, and internal injuries that sometimes lead to organ damage often result. Because of this, paying medical bills becomes a top priority. As to who pays the bills, it depends on whether or not the state where your accident took place is a no-fault state. If it is, the driver’s insurance company will be responsible for paying your medical bills. If it is not, your own health insurance company will pay your medical bills. However, if you have no health insurance and have an accident take place in a state that is not no-fault, you may be forced to pay your medical bills out of your own pocket. Rather than let your finances be ruined due to a careless driver, allow a pedestrian hit and run law firm who Los Angeles victims turn to from Grey Law to hold those who caused your accident accountable for their negligence.

Your Claim Against the Driver

Since you were the one struck by the vehicle, your injury claim will be against the driver who was behind the wheel at that moment. However, do not make the mistake of automatically assuming that police, courts, and insurance companies will immediately place blame on the driver. In some situations, even if a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, the car’s driver and other parties may attempt to place blame for the accident on the victim. This is often the case when a pedestrian is struck while not being in a crosswalk, which opens up the door for allegations of jaywalking. While you may scoff at this, remember that jaywalking is still technically illegal in almost all states. Thus, if you are being charged with jaywalking, immediately consult with an attorney who specializes in car accident cases so they can prove the accident was in no way your fault.

Legal Obligations of Drivers and Pedestrians

When accidents such as these occur, who wins and who loses the case often comes down to which party can prove they fulfilled their legal obligations in that moment. For example, drivers are legally obligated to obey traffic laws and stay alert to other vehicles and pedestrians around them, while pedestrians also have legal obligations to do the same. Since having strong evidence on your side will be critical to winning, hire a hit and run accident lawyer Los Angeles courts know has a track record of success winning such complex cases.

Suing a Municipality

When you are hit by a vehicle while as a pedestrian, your immediate thoughts will turn primarily toward the driver of the car that struck you. However, once you meet with a pedestrian injury attorney who Los Angeles victims now have in-depth knowledge of how to approach these cases, you will realize you may also have a claim against the municipality where your accident took place. For example, if your accident happened due to a broken traffic light, a malfunctioning traffic light, or perhaps because the crosswalk you used or the road you were walking on had design flaws in them thanks to poor planning and engineering, your LA pedestrian accident attorney can focus on this when attempting to reach an out-of-court settlement.

Relying on Experts

When you decide to pursue a pedestrian accident personal injury lawsuit, your Los Angeles lawyer will team up with forensic accident technicians and accident reconstruction experts to build the strongest possible case. By being able to point out key details to a jury as to how the accident occurred, why it occurred, and that you were in no way responsible for what happened, there is a much better chance you leave court with the compensation award you need and deserve.

Rather than trust your case to an attorney who has limited experience in this area, schedule your consultation today with Grey Law.

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