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Pedestrian Safety Tips For Kids

How to Protect Kids From Pedestrian Accidents?

Although walking is a great alternative for kids, as it promotes a lifelong habit of physical activity, it can pose a serious risk in terms of safety. Unfortunately, children are the most vulnerable on the road because of their lack of experience and varying developmental stages. Whether children are playing outside, walking to school, or whatever the case may be, it is imperative for parents to teach children to practice safe pedestrian skills in their everyday life. Parents can also help children by giving them opportunities for discussion and real-life scenarios that will help them become familiar with the skills they need.

Our lawyers for getting hit by a car have compiled some tips as to how you can teach your children the skills to confidently, safely, and independently walk around your neighborhood and avoid any potential risks of being involved in a pedestrian accident. You should show your children how to do the following:

  • Choose the safest routes to walk. It is imperative that you show your children the safest routes to walk, which includes the best accessibility, walkability, and sufficient lighting.
  • Safe crosswalks. You should find the best places to cross, so your children are as visible as they can be. You should never assume that a marked crosswalk or a stop light makes you completely safe.
  • Assess a vehicle’s speed. Teach your children to assess a vehicle’s speed, and never assume that cars will always make a complete stop. If a car is speeding, then do not attempt to cross. Wait until the car makes a complete stop and you are sure that the driver sees you.
  • Use your full attention. It is imperative that you teach your child to walk while being completely vigilant of their surroundings. Distractions such as cell phones or other electronic devices pose a serious threat to their safety.
  • Make yourself visible to drivers. You should teach your children to be as visible to drivers as possible. When a vehicle comes to a stop, make sure that your child makes eye-contact with the driver so they are sure that the driver actually sees them.

Every child goes through specific developmental stages, therefore, when teaching your child how to safely walk to and from their destination, it is important that you do it in a way that they are able to understand. Here are some tips for children based on their age group:

Tips for Children 4-6 Years Old

It is important that you speak in simple terms about the basics of safety skills while walking together. You should hold your child’s hand while walking, as you never know when they may do the unexpected and run off if they see something that they like (or dislike). In addition, show them the best places to cross the street and how pedestrian controlled crossings work. Have them push the buttons at the crosswalk, and teach them about certain tools that help pedestrians be as visible as possible to other people on the road, such as reflective items, flashlights, etc. Any children within this age range must be supervised while walking.

Tips for Children 7-9 Years Old

Children in this age range have a better understanding in terms of complex safety principles. You should reiterate the basic safety tips, as well as discuss the safest ways to cross the street (depending on location and volume of traffic). You should teach your child how to assess a driver’s speed, as well as teach them to stop, listen, and look before proceeding across the street. Teach your child the importance of making themselves visible to drivers. Children who are within this age range should be supervised by an adult when practicing these safety tips.

Tips for Children 10+ Years

Children 10 years old and older are typically more developed in terms of their ability to reason, attentiveness, as well as their decision-making skills. When it comes to practicing pedestrian safety, these skills are imperative. Children around this age are typically prepared for a combination of independent and supervised walking; however, you should never assume that they are ready. You should supervise your child and express the importance of familiar roads, being visible, and safety measures while walking at night.

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