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Parking Lots and Premises Liability

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While you can have a slip and fall accident in many places, parking lots are the most common sites for these accidents. When you are involved in such an accident, you will probably find yourself dealing with broken bones, a head injury such as a concussion, and perhaps severe injuries to your neck and back. Because of this and the impending medical treatment and forced time off from work you will be facing, you will need substantial financial compensation to help with your recovery. But before doing so, the question of premises liability will play a large role in determining who will be liable for your accident and how much compensation you may receive, which is why you should consult a Los Angeles personal injury attorney at Grey Law.

The Parking Lot Owner

When a slip and fall accident takes place in a parking lot, it is generally the parking lot’s owner who is held liable for the accident. In these types of accidents, the owner of the parking lot is deemed to have a legal responsibility for maintaining the parking lot in a manner that is safe for both pedestrians and vehicles. However, there may be circumstances that arise along the way concerning additional questions of lot ownership. Since this can complicate your case even further, seek the guidance of a premises liability attorney from Grey Law.

Management and Leasing Companies

When you do suffer a slip and fall accident in a parking lot, you may automatically assume the store or business where the parking lot is located has full ownership of the parking lot. However, that may not be true. In some situations that involve larger stores or malls, a management or leasing company may have partial or full ownership of the parking lot where your accident occurred. If this is the case, you may be able to file your personal injury lawsuit against both the management company and the business owner. Due to the complexities that may be involved in determining which party was at-fault for your accident, contact a property injury lawyer from Grey Law.

How to Determine Ownership

If you are injured in a slip and fall accident in a parking lot, determining ownership of the parking lot may not be an easy task. If your accident took place in the parking lot of a mall or large national chain store, there may be multiple entities involved in the real estate development project. As a result, you may not be able to simply ask who owns the parking lot. Instead, you will need to find out this information by examining real estate property records where the lot is located. To make sure you are able to find this information and name the correct party in your personal injury lawsuit, work with attorneys for premises liability claims at Grey Law.

Open and Obvious Hazards

If your parking lot accident happened due to an open and obvious hazard in the lot itself, you may have a much more difficult time winning your personal injury lawsuit. In many jurisdictions, exceptions exist that limit a parking lot owner’s liability for accidents that take place due to what are deemed to be open and obvious hazards. These hazards, which most often are potholes or accumulations of snow and ice, must be avoided in ways a reasonable person would do so in order to overcome various liability exceptions. Therefore, you will need to show that you did take reasonable precautions to avoid these hazards, or that the hazards in question that resulted in your accident were not open and obvious. Since it will take a sound legal strategy to come out on top in these situations, always turn to Grey Law when you are injured on someone else’s property in California.

Building a Strong Case

Since you will likely face intense opposition from the parking lot’s owner regarding your injury claim, you will need to build a strong case regarding your accident in order to gain the maximum compensation you need and deserve. To begin with, you should always report your accident to the business owner, manager, or person who is in charge of the area at the time your accident took place. Along with this, you should try to take photos of the accident scene, as well as seek immediate medical treatment for your injuries that are documented in your medical records. Also, make note of the hazard that caused your accident, and also if there were any signs, cones, or other measures taken by the lot’s owner to mark the hazard and help pedestrians steer clear of the area. To build the strongest case possible, seek legal advice from an injury lawyer at Grey Law.

Gaining Compensation

While some people only suffer minor injuries when they slip and fall in a parking lot, others suffer injuries that require extensive medical treatment and force them to be away from their workplace for weeks or months. As a result, financial hardships begin to increase dramatically from the combination of high medical bills and lost income. Rather than let this continue, always speak to a premises liability attorney immediately following your accident. Once you do, you can learn what it will take to build a strong case and devise a legal strategy that will work in your favor. Additionally, you will also learn about other types of damages for which you can be compensated, such as physical and emotional pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and others that can be sought by a property accident injury lawyer who Los Angeles trusts at Grey Law.

When you are in need of attorneys for premises liability claims, make your first call to Grey Law. By doing so, you will learn what is involved in filing and winning a personal injury lawsuit when you are hurt on another’s property in Los Angeles. Rather than sit back and allow your medical and financial hardships to continue, schedule your consultation today with Grey Law.

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