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Who Can Be Held Responsible If a Patron Is Injured at A Sporting Event?

File A Claim Against a Sporting Event Venue

Attending a local sports event is a great way to support your favorite team and spend time with friends or family. But what most people don’t realize is the number of fans who leave injured. A ball or puck – while a great souvenir – can travel at extremely high speeds.

The damages are likely to be severe when it strikes a particularly vulnerable part of your body. Fortunately, you have options when someone else is liable. At Grey Law, our premises liability attorney is here to answer any questions you may have and help you figure out how California liability laws apply to your claim.

Who Is Liable If an Attendant Gets Hurt at A Sporting Event?

As an injured spectator, you might hear there is no legal recourse when you get hurt. That by purchasing a ticket to a game, patrons assume liability for the risks associated with the game.

An assumed liability or contractual liability indicates an agreement to the stadium’s insurance policies. It protects owners from lawsuits and loss. However, sports fans are of course owed the highest duty of care.

Per California laws, stadium owners are required to keep their premises reasonably safe for visitors. Petco Park and Torero Stadium are just two prime arenas where visitor safety is of the highest priority. A few of their responsibilities include:

  • Assess the venue for potential slip and fall hazards, defects, and other dangers before the game.
  • If there are problems that should be addressed, everyone on site should be notified. It’s best to repair the damages before visitors step foot on the property.
  • Give visitors ample warning of unrepaired concerns. Owners must put up big, visible signs indicating where the damage is. Failure to do so can result in injury.

Who Is Responsible When Spectators Are Injured While Attending Professional Sporting Events?

Determining who is responsible for your injuries at a professional sporting event requires help from a Los Angeles injury lawyer. We often find that these cases involve more than one defendant. However, we will direct liability to the party who is most at fault for your damages. Examples of who we might investigate are:

  • Stadium owner
  • Stadium staff members
  • Excited fans in the arena
  • Driver in a parking lot
  • Third-party organizations
  • Manufacturers of product hazards

Rountree v. Boise Baseball: Example

At a 2008 Boise Hawks baseball game, Bud Rountree was struck by a foul ball in the face and lost his eye, a grievous injury by anyone’s standards.

The Idaho Supreme Court decided not to impose a liability rule in the lawsuit. Instead they let the jury decide whether watching baseball was dangerous and if stadium owners should be liable for injured fans from batted balls.

The plaintiff followed through with suing the Hawks. The suit took five years before reaching the Supreme Court, which ruled in his favor, allowing him to seek damages for his injury.

The Legal Details

These cases fall under the descriptor of tort law, which involves any conduct causing harm to other people or their property. Violating one’s public duty is a crime, and a tort is a violation of one’s private duty. Assault, for instance, falls under both legal descriptors.

A tort may be intentional, strict liability, or negligence. If somebody performs a violent action with the intent of harming you or your property, this is an intentional tort and crime. A strict liability tort is when somebody performs an action that isn’t technically illegal but is highly dangerous to the public. Negligence is an action which causes damage or harm but is the result of carelessness.

Sports tort law is an entirely separate legal area, and cases of the nature described above fall into this category. We are well-versed in handling this type of legal proceeding. If you were harmed at a sporting event, it’s best to book a free consultation!

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