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Product Liability Claims Involving Pharmaceutical Drugs

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When your doctor writes you a prescription and you have it filled at a local pharmacy, you assume everything will go as expected. However, once you get home and start taking the medicine, something may go terribly wrong. In many situations, this can include dealing with dangerous side effects or other similar problems. When this happens, you may think there is little you can do to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. Yet if you discuss what happened to you with a skilled Los Angeles personal injury attorney, you may find your best option may be to file a personal injury lawsuit based on the drug being defective or other related issues. Since these cases have many complex parts and can be rather confusing, here are some important points you should keep in mind after meeting with your attorney.

Product Liability Claims
When discussing product liability claims with your product liability attorney Los Angeles clients turn to these situations from Grey Law, your attorney will listen to you and then decide which category your claim would fit into prior to beginning legal action. In these matters, there are three types of claims you may pursue. The first is that the drug itself was defective due to improper manufacturing, which happens far more than most people realize. Next, you could file a claim based on dangerous side effects of the drug, or decide a claim should be filed due to improper marketing of the drug. Whatever the case may be, always speak in-depth to a product injury lawyer Los Angeles clients completely put their faith in at Grey Law.

Defective Manufacturing
In many cases where problems present themselves with a pharmaceutical drug, defective manufacturing may be to blame. However, this does not only apply to the manufacturing process itself. Should there be a problem with labeling, shipping, or other steps that occur between a factory and pharmacy, a defective manufacturing claim can be made. Due to these cases requiring lawyers who have extensive experience in pharmaceutical product liability claims, be sure you immediately contact a defective product lawyer Los Angeles clients look to for help at Grey Law.

Dangerous Side Effects
While defective manufacturing is a common reason for these lawsuits, dangerous side effects are another common reason for personal injury lawsuits. Although drugs are thoroughly tested and in most cases properly manufactured, patients can still suffer dangerous or even life-threatening side effects. In some cases, it has been shown that manufacturers knew of the potential for dangerous side effects, yet chose to conceal the information and allow the drug to be given to patients. If this happened to you, your Los Angeles injury lawyer could seek punitive damages in addition to compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Improper Marketing
When this is alleged, you are claiming the drug’s manufacturer failed to provide proper instructions, recommendations, or warnings prior to bringing the drug to market. In many product liability cases involving pharmaceuticals, it is a combination of factors that often determine the course of action your product liability attorney Los Angeles trusts the most will take regarding your case. As an example, many lawsuits point the finger at not only the drug’s manufacturer, but also the pharmacist.

Potential Defendants
When you decide to move forward with pursuing a product liability claim involving pharmaceutical drugs, you and your product injury lawyer Los Angeles clients hired for these cases will begin by attempting to identify the possible defendants for your lawsuit. Since almost all cases such as these involve more than one defendant, it will be vital you go over each and every detail of your situation in great detail, since unusual circumstances may arise. When this happens, your case should only be handled by a defective product lawyer Los Angeles victims trust, such as your attorney from Grey Law.

Most Common Defendants
As for the most common defendants in these cases, these would include the manufacturer, pharmacy where you got your prescription filled, the doctor who prescribed the medication to you, and possibly a hospital if it was considered to be part of the distribution chain that got the drug from the manufacturer and into your hands. Yet no matter who is named as a defendant in your case, each will claim they did nothing wrong and that any problems were caused by the other defendants. To sort through this and ultimately hold those whose negligence and carelessness led to this situation responsible for their actions, seek legal advice from a respected Los Angeles injury lawyer at Grey Law.

Other Possible Defendants
While you may initially think you can only sue a drug’s manufacturer, your doctor, or a hospital or medical clinic, you may be surprised to learn there may be many other defendants involved in your case. For example, the pharmacist who filled your prescription could be named as a defendant, as could the pharmaceutical sales rep who recommended the drug to the doctor who prescribed the medication. Also, testing laboratories that are independent of the drug’s manufacturer should also be included in your lawsuit, since the lab was given the task of performing multiple tests on the drug to ensure its safety prior to being placed on the market and made available to doctors and patients. Since even the slightest of details in your case could determine if one or more of these parties should be included in your lawsuit, make sure you tell your product liability attorney Los Angeles victims respect for their knowledge of these cases each and every detail that transpired.

Due to pharmaceutical manufacturers having billions of dollars at their disposal and legal teams who have years of experience handling liability claims, never trust your case to a lawyer who has limited experience in this area. Instead, schedule a consultation with attorney David Grey of the Grey Law Firm. Once you do, it will become clear you have an attorney on your side who will not be intimidated by Big Pharma.

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