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If you drive for Uber or Lyft and get into a collision on the road, it’s important you know what steps you should take. Taking the right steps after a collision gives you the best odds of reaching a fair outcome. On the other hand, taking the wrong steps can make it much harder for you to collect compensation for your injuries and losses, and you don’t want to follow that path.

This guide explains what you must do and why you have to speak with a ride sharing accident lawyer Los Angeles. This arms you with the required knowledge to move forward with peace of mind because you will know what you should do each step of the way.

Driver Stages
The coverage you can expect depends on the stage in which you are during the accident. Both Uber and Lyft have three stages that impact the amount of compensation you can collect if you get injured during an accident.

Learning what each stage means helps you fight for your rights if Uber or Lyft try reducing the amount you can collect, and you will be pleased with your decision. If you are not logged in to the ride-sharing app during the accident, you respond as normal and contact your own insurance company. If you are logged in to the application when the collision happens, the following sections shed some light on how the claim will likely unfold.

First Stage
At the first stage, you are logged in to the app but don’t have any customers lined up. During this stage, most drivers are driving in populated areas waiting for someone to request a ride. If an accident happens during the first stage, Uber and Lyft provide you with limited coverage. You can expect up to $100,000 for injuries and $25,000 for property damage.

You must remember, though, that drivers in the first stage only have access to Uber and Lyft’s liability coverage. This means you will have to pay for your own repairs if you are at fault for the collision, and you won’t have coverage when the other driver is at fault but has no insurance. A Lyft accident lawyer Los Angeles can give you more information on this topic if needed.

Second Stage
This section reviews the second stage and what you can expect if you are involved in an accident during this time. Drivers are in the second stage when they receive a ride request but don’t yet have the rider in the vehicle with them. You have $1 million in liability coverage in addition to uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

That means you can still collect compensation when the other driver is at fault but does not have enough coverage to pay your repair bills and medical fees. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney can review the facts and help you decide the stage in which you were during the accident if you are not sure.

Third Stage
When you need legal services that you can depend on and can’t afford to take chances, an Uber accident lawyer Los Angelescan help you decide what to do if you were in the third stage during the accident. When you are in the third stage, you have already picked up the passenger and are on your way to the destination.

Not only do Uber and Lyft offer uninsured motorist coverage, but they also give you $1 million in liability coverage. Having a passenger in the car makes it much easier for you to collect compensation for your injuries and repair fees. An Uber accident lawyer Los Angeles will have your back no matter the stage in which you were at the time of the collision, which gives you peace of mind.

Steps to Take After an Uber or Lyft Accident
Knowing the steps to take in the seconds, hours and days after your accident is an essential piece of the puzzle you can’t ignore. Following a proven process reduces your odds of long-term injuries and improves your chance of getting the compensation to which you are entitled. Even if you feel tempted to skip any of these steps, remember that following them is your best shot if you would like to have any hope at getting a fair outcome.

Contact the Police
Any talented ride sharing accident lawyer Los Angeles will tell you to contact the police as soon as you can safely do so. The police will have your name on record for reporting the incident, and it makes it a bit easier for you to build your case in the future.

Some people will tell the police details of the accident over the phone or in a written statement, but you don’t want to do that. For now, you can tell the police that a crash took place and if anyone is hurt, and you can expect police and emergency medical staff to arrive in minutes.

Collect Evidence
If you can collect evidence without putting yourself or others in danger, do it as soon as possible. The evidence you collect now could be the difference that lets you win your case. Rather than discussing blame on the side of the road, use your smartphone to take pictures of your car and injuries. You must then look for witnesses and ask for their contact information, and your lawyer might use them if you take your case to trial.

Speak With a Lyft Accident Lawyer Los Angeles
One of the biggest mistakes you could make at this point is speaking with Uber or Lyft about your accident. They can use your statements to reduce your claim, and you can’t afford to let that happen. Instead of making a report with the ride-sharing company, contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney as soon as you have the opportunity.

Getting Started
If you are ready to build your case and fight for the compensation in which you are entitled, you need a caring personal injury lawyer who is passionate about justice. The Grey Law Firm will stand by your side and point you in the right direction from start to finish. Our legal team will help you get a fair settlement to cover your injuries and other losses. If you would like to move your case forward and safeguard your rights, pick up your phone and call the Grey Law Firm today.

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