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The Risks of Road Rage as an Uber Driver

Can Passengers File a Lawsuit for Accidents Caused by Road Rage?

As an Uber driver we understand your urgency to get riders from point A to point B quickly and safely. Driving for a rideshare company can have its perks. But you should always be mindful of your actions when it involves other drivers. It can cost you thousands in damages if your road rage results in a car accident.

Road rage is considered as aggressive or angry behavior behind the wheel. It may include obscene language, verbal disputes, threats, or dangerous driving. Passengers should not have to see or be on the receiving end of this misconduct. If your actions resulted in bodily harm, they have every right to hire a Los Angeles injury lawyer to pursue compensation after the rideshare accident.

Uber Has a Responsibility to Passengers

Since 2009, Uber has been sued over 70 times for misclassification suits, sexual harassment claims, and personal injury lawsuits. The company has failed to provide a proper level of care for passengers and thousands of contracted drivers.

The Concern for Uber Drivers and Riders

All Uber drivers are classified as independent contractors not employees. This categorization protects the ride-hailing company from getting sued. Uber accident lawyers for road rage incidents also find it difficult for rideshare drivers to sue Uber for compensation. That’s why it is crucial for drivers to avoid acting impulsively when something goes awry on a busy road.

Uber drivers are completely liable for any damages caused. The company makes this clear by enforcing an insurance policy with a:

  • $50,000 limit for on-clock fender benders when the driver is not en-route
  • $1,000,000 limit for passengers, opposing drivers, pedestrians, etc.

What the company makes up for in insurance coverage, they lack in background checks. Road rage is undetectable in an online screening. Uber can only check for insurance, car registration, and driving experience.

What Leads to Road Rage?

Any ridesharing accident attorney in Los Angeles would advise that it is never okay to engage in any altercation involving road rage whether you’re an Uber driver or regular driver. A few common factors that contribute to accidents from aggressive driving include:

Delays – frequent stoplights, searching for a parking space, waiting for passengers, heavy traffic.

Running late – Uber drivers that miss out on “rides” because they are running behind.

The joy of anonymity – the possibility of never seeing the opposing driver again makes drivers more likely to engage in road rage.

Above the law – no one is above the law, including rideshare drivers.

Is this normal for you? If you experience road rage often, it might be best to find ways to keep calm on the road.

Might Lead to a Lawsuit?

  • Negligent driving (ex. tailgating) with the intent of annoying someone else
  • Stopping without reason in front of another driver is the leading cause of rear-end collisions
  • Distracted driving by screaming, cursing, or threatening someone on the road.
  • Intentionally hitting a car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle out of spite
  • Physically assaulting another driver or passenger
  • Honking non-stop

Fault In a Road Rage Accident?

Uber accident lawyers of Grey Law would consider road rage as one of the leading causes of car accidents. While no law stops people from getting upset behind the wheel, there are many regarding threats and intentional motor vehicle damages.

These cases are typically straightforward. The motorist who engaged in reckless driving is usually at fault. If time permits, victims are able to record the persistent attack happening. Remember that evidence is required to pursue compensation for back injuries, spinal damage, fractures, concussions, or property damages, among others. A personal injury attorney in LA can help you learn more about your legal options.

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