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Uber Driver Protection

Important Aspects Of Uber Driver Protection

As the “gig economy” has expanded in California, people from all walks of life have become Uber drivers. While the jobs offer flexibility in scheduling and incomes, many drivers nevertheless find themselves dealing with various issues on the job. Whether this means being involved in a traffic accident while driving or even having a passenger attack them, these and other instances have made it necessary for drivers to have various protections available to them. If you are an Uber driver and now find yourself facing legal consequences following an accident or other situation, contact Grey Law and speak to an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

Protecting Your Rights

When you sign on as an Uber driver, protecting your rights will be one of the most important things you can do while employed with the company. Unfortunately, since there are plenty of people willing to drive for ridesharing companies, those in these jobs are considered expendable by the company. Thus, if you have an accident take place, the company may or may not give you the support you expect. If you are left to fend for yourself following your accident, turn to an Uber/Lyft accident lawyer who Los Angeles drivers trust at Grey Law.

Driver Protections

Since many things can happen when an Uber driver is behind the wheel, Uber has in place many different types of driver protections that can be very useful on the job. One of the best is in-app assistance, allowing drivers to send their trip information to police and rescue personnel should an emergency arise. Along with this, Uber also relies on GPS tracking to know where its drivers are at all times. In some situations, a driver’s friends and family may follow them on their route, which is actually allowed by Uber. Finally, drivers have the opportunity to rate their passengers. Thus, should a passenger be threatening or disruptive in any way, drivers can pass along this information, which may result in the passenger being banned from using the company’s services. Should you be involved in an incident with an unruly passenger, don’t hesitate to discuss what transpired with an accident attorney Los Angeles gig workers trust for legal advice at Grey Law.

Uber and its Insurance

In many situations where Uber drivers have ridesharing accidents or other similar mishaps, Uber’s insurance policy will kick in to provide financial assistance. This is especially useful should an Uber driver be struck by a hit-and-run vehicle or by an uninsured motorist, since both of these types of accidents can be very complex regarding payouts of compensation. However, while Uber may have this insurance in place for its drivers, that may not mean the company will automatically be on your side. In fact, it may even try to blame you for the accident, which could then put the financial burden squarely on your shoulders. If you are being unfairly blamed for an accident by Uber, hire a ridesharing accident attorney in Los Angeles residents know will go to bat for them and bring about a satisfying conclusion to the matter.

Uber and Firearms

While you may feel safer if you could carry a gun with you while driving for Uber, you will be fired for doing so. Although the company does not necessarily have a no-gun policy, laws vary so much from one jurisdiction to another that Uber does not allow its drivers to be armed while on the job. In addition, Uber passengers cannot be armed while in an Uber vehicle, even if laws in that area allow for the legal carrying of firearms. As for other safety measures, Uber drivers are encouraged to keep cameras in their vehicles to record trips, and can also use the emergency button within their app to contact local 9-1-1 operators in the event of an emergency. If your actions as an Uber driver are being questioned by the company or others, speak to lawyers for Uber drivers at once.

Denial of Benefits

For many Uber drivers, the passage of AB5 in California meant they were entitled to such benefits as health insurance. However, since there have been many political battles over the status of Uber and Lyft drivers regarding whether they are employees or independent contractors, many drivers have complained about being denied benefits or even tips given to them by customers. When these disputes emerge, employees are often on the losing end unless they have legal representation from the beginning. If you have been denied the benefits and money you know you deserve, contact a Los Angeles-based injury attorney for guidance on how to proceed.

Class-Action Lawsuit

Since thousands of Uber drivers have complained about the company’s denying them benefits and income, a national class-action lawsuit has been filed. Because of this, you are now allowed to take part in this lawsuit as an Uber driver. Since California recognizes Uber drivers as employees, it is advisable you do all you can to get the benefits and compensation you deserve. To do so, hire a rideshare accident compensation lawyer Los Angeles workers respect at Grey Law.

Suing for Damages

If you were involved in an accident as an Uber driver, you have the right to hire a rideshare crash attorney in Los Angeles like Grey Law to represent you in your case. By doing so, your lawyers for Uber drivers at Grey Law can help you file a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related damages.

Even though ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft are very large, this does not mean they have the right to stomp on your legal rights. Thus, if you were injured in an accident as an Uber driver or have been denied money and benefits you deserve, hold the ridesharing company accountable for its actions. To do so and get the compensation you deserve, place your trust in an Uber Lyft accident attorney who Los Angeles knows will protect the rights of workers from Grey Law.

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