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I Fell in A Store. What Happens Next?

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When you visit a store or business to run errands, shop for another or browse, you’re not thinking about what might happen if you slipped and fell. Regardless of the reason that brought you there, you should never have to think about what to do if you were in this kind of situation. Though, it is best that you do. When in doubt, finding the right legal help makes a difference. A trusted Los Angeles personal injury attorney will review your case, provide legal counsel, and help guide you through the process.

Where Do Slip and Fall Accidents Happen the Most?

Slip and fall accidents are common and happen frequently. Annually, more than one million people need emergency treatment. Due to the number of cases seen on a yearly basis, legal professionals reach an average settlement of up to $40,000 or more. It depends on the nature of the case, and the evidence presented pertaining to the accident. 

The most common business locations where a slip-and-fall accident takes place are:

  • Department Stores – the accidents are most associated with wet floors, and lack of caution signs.
  • Grocery Stores – the biggest hazard in the grocery store is wet floors or freshly waxed floors without a sign or adequate warning.
  • Restaurants – victims are most likely going to experience an accident from clutter, wet or slippery conditions.
  •  Hotels – equipment and stray wires are the main reason behind hotel-based accidents.
  • Casinos – like grocery stores, wet or freshly waxed floors increase chances of slipping.

Employers can prevent customers or visitors from getting hurt by proactively checking for hazards. Putting up a simple cautionary sign, examining high-traffic areas and cleaning up spills immediately after it happens makes a difference. Showing that the employees made an effort can greatly reduce the chances of being sued by a falling accident lawyer in LA.

The Owners Have A Responsibility to Keep the Premises Safe

Small or large businesses that are open to the public must maintain safe premises for employees and customers. Safety is enforced by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA). So, when accidents happen it can be costly for both injured persons and the store – even more so when the injured victim files a claim and OSHA files noncompliance penalties.

  • Fines range from $5,000 to more than $127,000.
  • General violations: More than $12,000
  • Serious violations: Up to $25,000
  • Repeat violations: More than $127,000
  • Failure to stop: Up to $15,000
  • Failure to report serious injuries, illnesses, or death: The minimum begins at $5,000.

In-Store Slip and Fall Injury Examples

Most slip and fall accidents that happen in a business are linked to negligence. It can happen for several reasons.

  • Weather-based conditions.
  • Not cleaning debris or objects from aisles.
  • Failing to mop liquids or fixing pipes.
  • Maintaining walkways, rails, and stairs.
  • Exposed electrical cords.

Additionally, plaintiffs also report getting injured because of dim lighting. Not only does it reduce one’s visibility, but also makes it harder for employees to resolve unsafe conditions. Anyone is likely to get hurt when surrounded by unresolved hazards.

Read on for detailed examples of slip and fall cases. It may help to guide you through the process if you plan on taking legal action with the help of a Los Angeles lawyer for slip and fall injury claims.

Negligent Costco Employees

In California, the plaintiff slipped on a puddle of liquid soap in one of Costco’s stores. The jury sided with the plaintiff, who wound up with a broken kneecap. The woman, who was injured due to the negligence of an employee, reported getting ignored once she took a spill. As a result, her lawyer for store-based slip and falls reached a settlement for more than $400,000 to pay for her medical treatment, pain, and suffering.

Pot Sticker – Costco

A woman sued a Costco store in California after unexpectedly slipping on food and injuring her tailbone. Employees were giving out free food samples near her. In this circumstance, an employee should have been tasked with the responsibility of overseeing a clean, welcoming space for customers. The case her lawyer put forth was not strong enough. The food wholesaler won the case, as they perform hourly inspections of the floor which was adequate in court.

Slip and Fall at Walgreens

In this case, the plaintiff slipped on liquid in Walgreens. The store, based in Broadview, Illinois was uncertain of where it came from. They issued a statement that it was because of a man walking in snow, prior to entering. The main tried to pursue a case on the basis that the liquid was already there. He lost his case and appeal.

The Plaintiff Was Injured in Florida And Sued in Another State

This is a unique case. In a Costco store based in Florida, a customer slipped on a spilled drink, which severely injured her back. At the time, she was on vacation from New York. Once the plaintiff returned home, she brought a lawsuit against Costco in New York. However, the successful conglomerate tried to prevent the case from proceeding until it was transferred to Florida (where the accident took place). When the judge denied their motion, the plaintiff could pursue her case, and avoided travelling while injured.

Hold the Store Liable for Damages Caused

In the end, a store should always be legally responsible when you are faced with unsafe conditions. A fall injury attorney in Los Angeles for severe accidents will ensure the owner is liable for damages caused prior to filing a claim and taking legal action. However, the plaintiff must be able to prove the owner knew of the condition, whether they did it, and failed to take the appropriate safety measures to correct the situation.

The case should incorporate evidence that a spill, for example, remained on the floor for a long period of time. In Costco, for example, where wet floors are a common occurrence, there should be a plan in place to monitor and clean up spills. The customer, on the other hand, must prove the condition was not obvious enough to avoid. While safety is a top priority, the customer is also expected to exercise some form of caution to protect him or herself. While all accidents should be reported directly to the store owner, not all of them will be successful in court. It is recommended to pursue legal help for store slip and fall accidents, for the best chance at winning a case.

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