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Statute of Limitations in a Slip and Fall Case

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You are careful and vigilant when you go out, but this is not enough to keep you safe. The people who manage and run the venues you visit must do their part. When you go to a bar, restaurant, shopping mall, or hotel, you should expect to remain unharmed. Hazards on the floor or that hang from the ceilings should be cleared away or the area in which they exist blocked off. If this does not happen, if the people who work in and manage the venue do not look out for safety hazards, then it can lead to an accident.

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident that owes to the negligence of another, then you should hold them accountable. Hiring a Los Angeles injury lawyer is the best way to do this. A Los Angeles law firm will help you get the compensation you deserve from the people whose action or inaction has caused you harm.

You Should Always Pursue Compensation

Whether the injury was slight or significant, you should pursue compensation from those who own and run the venue in which your slip and fall occurred. Even if you are conscious and alert after your ordeal, you will still need to go to the hospital to get checked out. Once there, you will be put through a battery of tests to determine whether you have sustained any broken bones or internal injuries. This will cost money, especially if you are put on medication for the pain or require follow-up doctor’s visits.

The vendor whose carelessness led to the accident should pay for your medical treatment. They should also compensate you for other losses associated with the accident. If you were forced to cancel the rest of your vacation or you are unable to resume a full schedule at work, you can claim damages.

Getting compensation is even more important if your injuries were severe. This can happen if your slip and fall involves a hard knock to your head. This can cause everything from concussion to serious brain damage. In the latter case, you may need to undergo a series of invasive and complex medical procedures to make you healthy again. You will also need to spend an extended amount of time in recovery and even more time in rehabilitation at home.

While on your back you will not be able to earn income. This can lead to severe financial stress and strain. You need not go through it alone. A slip and fall lawyer Los Angeles can help you build a case against the people responsible for your pain, suffering, and financial ruin.

Why You Must Make Legal Decisions Soon After the Accident

The last thing you may want to do as you recover from the injury is to speak to a slip and fall lawyer in LA. However, you will need to confront the bills and other financial realities caused by your accident. It is better to get fall injury compensation attorney Los Angeles involved sooner rather than later. There is a statute of limitation on slip and falls. If you do not meet certain deadlines, you may miss the opportunity to sue.

Statute of Limitations and Its Exceptions

A statute of limitation is a state-mandated deadline for filing a lawsuit. The statute of limitations for a slip and fall accident is usually two years. The clock starts ticking the day of your injury; and if you do not file by the end of the two years, you may miss the opportunity to sue.

It is possible to extend the statute of limitations deadline. This can be done if the person you intend to sue has left the state, or if you were a minor at the time of the accident, or you were mentally disabled for a period of time after the slip and fall. If you have any such issues, your fall injury lawyer in Los Angeles can help you make an argument for an extension before a judge.

You can also extend the statute of limitations with a “discovery” exception. This can be invoked if you did not know about the injury until long after the accident. This is not an uncommon occurrence. You may have sustained the kind of injury that does not present until much later. Or, you may have been examined by a physician who misdiagnosed you or missed the injury itself.

It is important to remember that the clock for statute of limitations does not begin running until you are given sufficient notice that you are injured and of the cause of the harm.

A falling compensation attorney can help you file for any of these exceptions. Their job is to ensure that you are treated fairly by the courts, and that you are given every opportunity to pursue compensation.

The Need for an Aggressive Pursuit of Compensation

The moment you know about your injury from the accident you should start building a case against the proprietors of the place in which the accident occurred. It is important to choose a slip and fall accident injury attorney who has a record of getting high settlements for their clients. This is proof enough of their persistence and aggression in pursuing the interests of their clients.

The first thing a lawyer will do is retrieve any security camera footage of the scene of the accident. Your personal injury attorney will bring in professional investigators to carry out this task. The investigators will also track down people who witnessed the accident and get statements from them. Given the ubiquity of smartphones, one or more of these witnesses may have captured the accident on their device; such video footage can go a long way toward proving the veracity of your version of events.

Your trip and fall accident lawyer in Los Angeles will assess the value of the case by reviewing your medical records and bringing in an independent medical expert who can offer another opinion on the nature and severity of the injury and make a statement on how much it will affect your ability to function.

In the end, the owners may decide to settle rather than risk a jury verdict that goes against them. Seeking out the expertise of an attorney will pay off in the long run, rather than you representing yourself. Schedule a consultation with Grey Law so that you can get back on your feet financially after this preventable accident.

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