6 Safety Tips for Backyard Pool Owners
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6 Safety Tips for Backyard Pool Owners

Drowning fatalities take hundreds of lives each year. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 87% of all fatalities occur in a backyard pool. Because children move quickly and cannot think critically at such a young age, they are likely to experience a life-threatening accident within seconds or minutes. Read on for a few tips to keep your child safe and avoid having to retain a Los Angeles swimming pool injury attorney.

Install Pool Barriers
To reduce the risk of your child drowning, barriers like fences, pool fates, safety covers, and alarms can prevent them from going in unsupervised. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (SPSC) requires you to follow these guidelines:

  • If you surround the pool with fencing, it should cover all four sides.
  • Pool safety fences must be at least 4 ft high.
  • Build the fence in a way that prevents children from using objects to climb over it.
  • Does your home open to the pool? Install alarms on each door leading to it. Each one should have self-closing and self-latching devices.
  • Install a power safety pool cover to close it off when you are not supervising the area.
  • Pool gates must be self-latching and self-closing with the capability to lock and work properly.
  • Install an underwater pool alarm that goes off when someone enters.

Use Anti-Entrapment Safety Drain Covers
Your pool should have anti-entrapment safety drain covers. Older drain covers put children and adults at risk because of powerful suction. Pipes and other openings should be out of their reach.

Supervise The Kids
Never leave a child unattended at the pool or any body of water. Whether it is at your house or a neighbor’s, unattended kids can get hurt within seconds.

Prepare For Emergencies

  • Everyone in your home should know about water safety, first aid, and how to commence CPR.
  • Make sure rescue equipment is accessible and in good condition near the pool.
  • Have a phone poolside with emergency numbers listed should a babysitter or parental figure need to call for help.
  • Everyone in the family, friends, babysitters, and neighbors should know the safety instructions and pool rules.

Pool Rules
Do you have pool rules? If not, we provide a guide below.

  • Do not go in or near the pool without adult supervision.
  • No running around the pool.
  • No diving.
  • No pushing.
  • Get help immediately if someone gets hurt or is drowning.

Know The Legal Risks of Pool Ownership
Having pool rules and knowing how to prevent drowning accidents is an essential first step. But sometimes preventable accidents happen anyway. If you are an owner, you may be subjected to legal risks and get sued. Similarly, if your child got hurt in a pool accident, you can claim damages from the opposing party to recover for your losses.

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