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Alcohol is the Main Contributing Factor in Fatal U.S. Boating Accidents

Injury and fatality rarely come to mind when people think of relaxation on a boat. However, both can drive aggrieved clients into a Los Angeles boat accident attorney office.

Alcohol and boats don’t mix.
Drinking is behind more accidents, injuries and deaths on boats than any other contributing factor. People are naturally excited and looking for adventure aboard vessels of every size, from canoes to yachts. People who never operate a vehicle when they are intoxicated will mix drinking with boats. Inhibitions can lower quickly. Safety measures can be overlooked.

According to the US Coast Guard’s latest Recreational Boating Statistics Report, alcohol accounted for 100 deaths from boating accidents in 2018.

Many things can go wrong quickly.
It may be drunk passengers interfere with proper boat operations and steering. Sometimes, onboard staff and security fail to enforce proper life jacket usage. This kind of laxity escalates when people drink and have a good time.

Boats and vessels can collide, sending passengers into falls onboard and overboard. Fires break out. Unsecured equipment loosens, so people get hit. Small vessels produce more accidents.

Your injuries may be more than bodily.
Trauma and anxiety can arise from these incidents even if physical harm does not show right away. Are you left with flashbacks and PTSD after you survived a boating accident? Did you lose days at work due to stress, or just lose your love of the water due to horrible memories?

A Los Angeles boat accident lawyer is the right solution.
As you recover from your boat-related injury or accident, you must trust a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles. It requires knowledge of particular California state laws, evidence gathering strategies and witness interview techniques.

A skilled Los Angeles boat accident lawyer knows your rights for these cases. Some commercial excursions and even private owners ask passengers to sign waivers, preventing their liabilities for accidents. Contact our attorney who can get around such loopholes and place the blame where it belongs.

You should be able to enjoy California’s grand coastline and its glistening bodies of water on safe, fun boat excursions. But your life is at risk when too much fun leads to too much alcohol on deck. So if you come back from a boating trip injured, you will need a boat accident attorney Los Angeles.

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