Are You at Risk of Brain Injury After a Car Accident?
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Are You at Risk of Brain Injury After a Car Accident?

Have you recently been involved in an accident? If you have, look for signs of traumatic brain injury resulting from violent jolts during the collision.

More than 2 million people suffer severe traumatic brain injuries every year. Many of them are the direct result of a car accident. If you believe you are one of these unfortunate victims, you need to call a brain injury attorney for legal assistance.

What Puts You at Risk of a Brain Injury?

There are several reasons why people develop a brain injury after a car accident. During a crash, the soft tissue of your brain will absorb most of the impact. It can lead to mild, moderate, or severe injuries, depending on the initial impact force. The types of wounds most clients suffer from are:

Concussions are mild TBIs that occur the most. It is usually nonfatal but can cause long-lasting damages if left untreated.

Diffuse Axonal Injury is frequent in car accidents. Extreme forces exerted on the head and brain can cause the brain to move around rapidly, affecting its connection throughout the body.

A Contusion is equivalent to a bruised brain. This localized injury can range from minor to severe, depending on what struck you.

Coup-Contrecoup is a unique injury. It can occur in two places: the site of impact and the opposite side of the brain. The brain typically collides across both sides of the skull.

Open Head Injuries occur when the victim bears a cracked or fractured skull. If an object has penetrated both the skull and brain, it would require surgery to resolve.

Acquired Brain Injury happens internally. If your brain does not receive enough blood or oxygen, it could damage or kill brain cells, which do not regenerate. 

How Common Are TBIs?

Unfortunately, TBIs are more common than you think. In the U.S., it takes the lead in death or long-term disabilities. According to the CDC, most cases of TBI occurred in 2014. Nearly 3 million victims needed emergency treatment. Of them, 54,000 adults and over 2,000 died.

How Can a Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyer Help You?

You may have racked up massive medical costs because of hospitalization after your accident; missed out on weeks or even months’ worth of wages from your job. You deserve maximum compensation.

If you notice brain injury symptoms, you need to file a personal injury case as soon as possible. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help you gather all the necessary evidence to prove that your symptoms developed due to the accident.
Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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