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Fireworks Sales Increase, Health Experts Fear Increase In Burn Related Injuries

Everyone loves firework displays and cannot get enough of them. During the coronavirus pandemic, professional firework displays are banned. Firework displays usually involve social gatherings, and people are currently supposed to main social distancing, thus the banning of professional firework displays. However, some people continue to enjoy firework displays in their backyards without any professionals […]

How Do You Know If Your Dog Bite Is Infected?

Dog bites are the most common animal bites in the United States. Statistics show that averagely 85% of the total animal bites in the country are dog bites. Dogs are loving and friendly creatures but can be vicious when you disrupt their peace or sense of danger. Among those bitten, 65% are children. Children are […]

Disabled Veteran Shot at Alamosa Protest Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury

During a protest in Alamosa, Colorado last Thursday, Danny Pruitt was shot in the head while driving his pickup. The 49-year-old was reportedly driving down Main Street when the protest was in session. He was transported to the UCHealth Memorial center after he sustained his injury at the scene. Security footage was found by KRDO […]

4 tips how to fix unsafe construction site practices

The construction industry has a reputation for danger—and rightly so. Construction workers spend time in hazardous environments on a daily basis. In the United States, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) oversees the federal safety requirements in the construction industry. According to its general information, the fatal injury rate is higher in construction than in […]

Who is responsible if a building collapses during an earthquake

California has its fair share of natural disasters, whether it is a tropical storm coming across the Pacific or an overwhelming wild fire. In Los Angeles, especially, catastrophes such as earthquakes are shockingly common; more than 600 were reported in 2015. In a few short minutes, your life can be completely upended – but could a […]

Is it illegal to drink while boating

We have all seen an episode of Cops where a blatantly intoxicated driver tries and fails to prove his or her sobriety – and we all know how consequential the decision to drink and drive is. And even though Los Angeles is on the beautiful Pacific, many people tend to underestimate the dangers and consequences of boating […]

6 interesting facts spinal cord injuries didnt know

Spinal cord injuries are serious and complex, and there are many different factors within the muscular and nervous systems that may be affected. Each spinal cord injury is unique, affecting victims differently and for varying lengths of time. At best, a spinal cord injury may result in temporary back pain. At worst, it can leave […]

5 recent six flags magic mountain accidents and notable injuries

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a fantastic place for people who love rollercoasters and other amusement park rides. Unfortunately, Six Flags parks also have a high rate of accidents and injuries. Some accidents happen because individuals do not listen to theme park staff guidelines and instructions. Others are the result of negligence on the part […]

Difference mild moderate severe brain injuries

Brain injuries often have lifelong health affects, ranging from memory issues to paralysis. The human brain controls the functions that keep you alive—breathing, eating, digesting food, and circulating blood. When a person suffers a traumatic brain injury, or “TBI” for short, it’s caused by sudden damage to the brain. This neurobiological damage can lead to permanent […]

if a tree falls on my car is the city liable for the damages

Property owners and landlords have dozens of responsibilities, and keeping guests and tenants safe is a top priority. This includes correcting issues occupants may run into on public property, like a spill or a faulty railing at city hall. These professionals are accountable for certain damages that occur on their property – which can include […]

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