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How Do I Avoid Personal Injury at a Political Rally?

How Do I Avoid Personal Injury at a Political Rally?

The 2016 presidential campaign has recently brought instances of political rally violence into the purview of the public. While political clashes were once commonly associated with major political campaigns, they have been rare in recent years. This year’s campaign is decidedly different. Supporters on both sides of the fence feel passionately about their political beliefs, and their passion is sparking scuffles at large rallies.

Many of the most recent clashes have happened at rallies for Republican candidate Donald Trump. Recently, violent encounters in Chicago took place before the candidate arrived, resulting the rally being canceled. Five people were arrested and two law enforcement officers suffered injuries. Unfortunately, this is only one of the latest stories involving violence at Trump political rallies. Violent encounters also have taken place in California (Costa Mesa and Anaheim), Connecticut, Arizona, New York, and a handful of other states.

3 Steps to Avoid Being Injured at a Political Rally

You can’t predict how protestors and rally attendees are going to behave at political events, but you can protect yourself from experiencing an act of violence if you choose to attend one. Any large event can turn dangerous quickly. Here are three steps you can take to avoid injury at a rally:

1. Take Security Precautions Before, During, and After.

Before you arrive at an event, look up the venue or contact the event organizers for details about security, exits, and the facility’s layout.

When you arrive, identify what security personnel are wearing and where they will be during the event. Ask the individual who checks your bag at the entrance for more information about security details.

Always have an exit plan. Know where you can easily escape the crowd and make a mental note about where you are in reference to your vehicle or other mode of transportation. If you know where to go if things turn ugly, you may have a better chance of avoiding injury. Keep your phone with you and consider pre-programming numbers for help if you experience an uncomfortable situation.

If the political rally is being held at a private location, like a auditorium or concert hall, it is the venue’s responsibility to provide adequate security and event coordination to protect the participants. So, as a planned attendee, it is good practice to make sure that the event will be adequately supervised and secure. If the venue does not provide sufficient security, and violence erupts, the venue owners might be subject to premises liability.

2. Go with a Group.

Avoid going to any large event on your own. Safety in numbers is not just an outdated cliché. In addition to going with a group, however, consider the people you choose as part of that group. Some people cannot back down from a confrontation or fight, even if their own safety is threatened. Avoid going to any political rally with individuals who could put themselves or you in danger. Don’t go anywhere by yourself.

3. Avoid Confrontation.

You may feel incredibly passionate about the subject at hand, but violence will not enact change. In fact, it could put you in a more vulnerable situation at any point during or after the event.

Consider some strategic wardrobe changes. Take branded clothing to wear over your clothes at an event, but remove them when traveling between locations. Opt for the high ground if someone taunts you or tries to confront you about your beliefs. While the energy at these events is often electric, acting on a whim could cause injury or have legal ramifications.

With the right precautions, you can attend an event and show support without risking injury. If you do suffer an injury at a political rally, consider talking to an injury attorney and/or a premises liability lawyer about your rights. With key pieces of evidence such as witness information, venue surveillance, social media footage, and medical reports, you may be able to pursue action against those responsible. Contact the personal injury lawyers at Grey Law today for more information about injuries that occur at large events.


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