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Common Eye Injuries in the Workplace

When you step into the workplace, you likely don’t give much thought to the health and safety of your eyes. However, eye injuries are more common than you’d think, affecting thousands of employees across various industries each year. Understanding these common eye injuries and knowing your rights if an accident does occur will help you protect yourself and your future. If you have suffered an eye injury in the workplace, contact our Los Angeles eye injury attorneys for legal assistance.

Eye injuries in the workplace can occur in several ways, often including: 

Foreign Objects

Dust, metal slivers, and other materials can cause surface scratches or embedded objects. These foreign particles can lead to corneal abrasions or more severe damage if not promptly removed and treated. Using proper eye protection, such as safety goggles, is essential to prevent such injuries.

Chemical Burns

Exposure to industrial chemicals or cleaning products can severely damage eye tissue. This type of injury can occur quickly and lead to significant pain, redness, and vision impairment. Immediate flushing of the eyes and seeking medical attention are crucial steps in mitigating the damage caused by chemical burns.

Blunt Trauma

Injuries caused by sudden impact from tools, heavy machinery, or falls can lead to serious consequences, including bruising, orbital fractures, or retinal detachment. Protective eyewear and adhering to safety protocols can help reduce the risk of such traumatic injuries.

Radiation Exposure

Damage from ultraviolet, infrared radiation, or lasers can burn the cornea and cause long-term vision issues. Workers in environments with high levels of radiation exposure should use appropriate eye protection, including UV-filtering glasses or shields, to safeguard against these potentially harmful effects.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye strain and damage due to prolonged screen time, known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), can lead to symptoms such as headaches, blurred vision, and dry eyes. Long-term effects may include chronic discomfort and potentially more serious conditions if not addressed. Adopting ergonomic practices, taking regular breaks, and using anti-glare screens are effective strategies to mitigate CVS.

No matter what type of eye injury you’ve experienced at work, it’s important to work with a workplace injury attorney in Los Angeles to see if you’re entitled to compensation.

Legal Recourse for Eye Injuries

Eye injury accidents in the workplace can lead to severe consequences, and understanding legal recourse is essential for affected employees.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

In the event of an eye injury on the job, workers’ compensation benefits may provide relief for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages. These benefits help workers get the treatment they need and take time off from work if necessary. They are provided regardless of who is at fault for the accident, providing fairly quick support for injured workers.

When to Consider a Personal Injury Lawsuit

While workers’ compensation claims are often the first line of recourse for occupational injuries, there are instances where a personal injury lawsuit might be warranted. If the injury was caused by defective equipment or other third-party actions, pursuing a lawsuit could potentially yield additional compensation for pain and suffering, as well as punitive damages.

Navigating the complexities of workers’ compensation and personal injury claims can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can help you determine what steps to take following your accident to give you the best chance at obtaining the compensation you’re entitled to. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. 

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