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Common Types of Car Accidents

Common Types of Car Accidents
It doesn’t matter if you’re in your driveway, on a side road, a parking lot, or on the highway, car accidents can happen anywhere. Your car accident lawyer Los Angeles will tell you that the way the vehicles collide has a big impact on the injuries that occur to the drivers and their passengers. Let’s take a look at the most common types of accidents that are experienced by automobile drivers.

Single Car Accident
This describes an accident where only one vehicle was involved. This typically happens when a person hits an object, such as fallen debris, a telephone pool, mailbox, animal, or simply runs off the roadway. This type of accident can cover a lot of different scenarios that happen to one single vehicle.

Rear-End Collision
Any experienced car wreck lawyer Los Angeles has dealt with many of these types of vehicle accidents. They typically occur at red lights, however, they can happen anytime a vehicle crashes into another vehicle in front of it. Most of the time, this is attributed to the driver simply not paying attention or otherwise being distracted when driving down the roadway. Some other causes include panic stops, reduced traction due to bad road conditions created by the weather, and tailgating.

Rollover Accident
Any Los Angeles car injury attorney will tell you that a rollover accident is extremely dangerous. This type of accident is a result of the vehicle, environmental factors, road, and the driver. Your Los Angeles personal injury attorney will have to take into account your driving behavior, the weather conditions at the time of your accident, and the condition of the actual roadway to determine how your accident claim will go. Your insurance company will look at factors like the location, your speed, and any alcohol consumption to determine fault.

Head-On Collision
This type of accident occurs when a vehicle crashes into the front of another vehicle. This happens when both vehicles are going in the opposite direction from one another. Most of these accidents tend to be fatal due to the way that the vehicles interact with one another during the collision.

Side-Impact Wreck
These can be referred to as a T-bone or broadside accident. During this type of wreck, the side of one or more vehicles receives impact damage. This type of accident typically happens in parking lots, intersections, and passing lanes on the highway.

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