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Derrick Mora is killed in Long Beach motorcycle accident

Motorcycle Accidents and Fair Compensation

A tragic motorcycle accident ended the life of Derrick Mora in Long Beach. Mora was 24-years-old and passed away due to his injuries a few days after the motorcycle accident. It happened on the Pacific Coast Highway on Saturday morning. At 7:15 am. Long Beach police responded. The collision was located west of Ximeno Avenue in Long Beach.


At the time of the accident, Mora was driving a 2020 Honda motorcycle. He was traveling westbound with an individual driving a Porsche pulled out of a parking lot and went in front of Mora. The motorcycle and the vehicle instantly collided. Unfortunately, Mr. Mora later passed away at the hospital. A Los Angeles motorcycle crash lawyer knows how to handle this situation.

Independent Investigations

There are reasons an independent and separate investigation can be extremely important in this situation. The reason was explained by a national analyst for The Legal Advocate named Candice Bond. She is a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. According to her, motorcyclists are accepted as the most vulnerable motorists on any road. She also stated many things can be involved with fatal crashes. Bond works at The Legal Advocate and is a partner there. She believes it is essential every effort is made to determine the precise reason for these types of accidents. An attorney for motorcycle accident compensation can help. They will have the resources necessary to review all applicable insurance coverage, hire expert witnesses, locate people who saw the crash, conduct background checks, and more. A Los Angeles motorcycle crash lawyer knows how to do all of this as they carefully guide a victim’s family through the complicated legal process toward fair compensation.

Wrongful Death Claim

It is possible after an investigation is complete, and the results are known, Derrick Mora’s family could be able to file a wrongful death claim with a motorcycle injury lawyer. A motorcycle accident lawyer Los Angeles knows the survivors of a wrongful death victim do have a right to try and obtain fair compensation for damages. This could be for pain and suffering, loss of companionship, emotional distress, and more. A Los Angeles motorcycle crash lawyer knows it is something that can take place after a catastrophic or tragic accident such as in Mora’s case.


Stefano Formica is part of the Counsel with Bond Legal. He is a Los Angeles injury lawyer. According to him, after an accident families of the victim are feeling distraught. They could be overwhelmed with what they are facing in the legal process. There are many laws in place to protect the rights of accident families during this difficult time. An attorney for motorcycle accident compensation will be a compassionate and valuable resource. A motorcycle accident lawyer Los Angeles can provide important legal advice to help the family deal with the demands of the legal process. A motorcycle injury lawyer will use their knowledge and experience to help a family obtain the amount of compensation they deserve.

Stefano Formica and Candice Bond are national legal analysts for The Legal Advocates. They have a significant amount of experience when it comes to handling motorcycle accidents. If you or a family member believes you may need legal help, they are available for free consultations to make certain you know your rights in the legal process.

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