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Disabled Veteran Shot at Alamosa Protest Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury

During a protest in Alamosa, Colorado last Thursday, Danny Pruitt was shot in the head while driving his pickup. The 49-year-old was reportedly driving down Main Street when the protest was in session. He was transported to the UCHealth Memorial center after he sustained his injury at the scene.

Security footage was found by KRDO NewsChannel 13 that showcases the moments during the shooting. Any Los Angeles injury lawyer can reveal to you the importance of this solid form of evidence. James Marshall was arrested shortly after on charges of assault and attempted murder. This 27-year-old is widely known as a defense attorney in the great city of Alamosa. He is currently out on bond.

The surveillance footage is said to have captured the protest going on. The video shows about a dozen people lining the street with signs in their hands. Pruitt was driving a black pickup that went through the crosswalk of the intersection. The video clearly shows a protester pulling out a gun and pointing it at the driver. After this, the truck comes to a halt in the middle of the intersection.

The family members of Danny Pruitt set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the medical costs for the disabled veteran. Pruitt is a single father who is currently in stable condition after the traumatic brain injury. Right now, the doctors are currently working to reduce the amount of swelling in his brain. The updates to the GoFundMe page are outlining that additional tests will be performed this week on the Canon City man. We expect to see updates from a traumatic brain injury attorney about his case.

Traumatic brain injuries can have multiple causes. In this case, a bullet to the head has interfered with the normal functioning of the brain. Any tbi lawyer Los Angeles can help you to determine what is considered a traumatic brain injury. As a simple definition, this is a condition that disrupts the brain’s normal function and can be caused by an object piercing the skull or the head violently hitting an object.

These types of cases can be very tricky to navigate as any good Los Angeles head injury lawyer will tell you. Apart from medical expenses, there are many other compensation areas to consider for the victim according to any experienced brain injury attorney Los Angeles. It’s important to hire an experienced Los Angeles head injury lawyer to fight for your case. They can bring up a suit against the negligent party and ensure you get the compensation you need for your recovery.

Brain injuries can range from mild to severe. Either way, the road to recovery is a long one that requires great medical help and support for the patient. A traumatic brain injury attorney is dedicated to ensuring that the patient is able to focus on the recovery aspect of their injury instead of medical bills. It’s the sole purpose of your Los Angeles personal injury attorney to recover the compensation that you deserve. If you or someone you love has traumatic brain injury due to neglect of another person or entity, it’s a good idea to hire a tbi lawyer Los Angeles. This brain injury attorney Los Angeles can walk you through the court process and make you feel comfortable fighting your case.

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