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What Every Business Owner Should Know About Premises Liability

One set of laws governs renters or homeowners and the maintenance of their property. Another set of laws applies to owners and occupants of commercial properties. When it comes to victims being hurt one someone else’s property, it is very important that you have a premises liability attorney Los Angeles on your side. At Grey Law, our team is here to let business owners know of what’s expected of them in the context of premises liability law in California.

Purchase Insurance Coverage
The general rule is that since you’re in control of the premises that you do business on, you’re responsible for the safety of anybody who comes onto it–even trespassers have certain rights. Accidents might include slip-and-falls, trip-and-falls, merchandise falling from above customers or toxic spills. A quality premises liability lawyer Los Angeles will tell you that you need to be covered by a general liability policy of insurance with recommended coverage of at least $1 million.

Inspect the Property
As the person in control of the premises, California law imposes a duty upon you to make frequent inspections of the property for dangerous or defective conditions that might harm an employee or customer. You want to be aware of any such conditions before a Los Angeles premises liability claim is made against you.

Repair it or Warn of It
As per our personal injury lawyer Los Angeles, if you know of a dangerous condition on your property, the law imposes another duty upon you to repair or remedy it as soon as possible. Clear and effective policies need to be adopted and promulgated. If an employee does encounter a potentially dangerous condition, he or she must know what to do about it.

Warn of the Condition
In the interim between the time that the dangerous condition is discovered until the time that it is remedied or repaired, employees and visitors to the property must be warned of the condition. “Wet floor” signs or yellow tape indicating that caution should be used in a wet area might be needed, or yellow tape prohibiting entry into or upon a dangerous part of your business premises would be in order.

Always remember that if you’re the person who is in control of your business, you’re also in control of the safety of anybody who comes onto your place of business. You and your employees always need to be aware of potential dangers arising. If they do arise, repair or remedy them right away. If you can’t do that right away, give everybody around them clear notice of them.

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