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Halloween Pedestrian Accidents


Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Based on data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, pedestrian accidents and deaths double on Halloween night each year. Though the holiday is thought to be for children, it has morphed into a party night for more and more adults. As a result, there are numerous drivers on the road who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, leading to many very serious accidents. If you and your children are planning to go trick-or-treating on Halloween, here are some tips to remember to hopefully avoid being involved in an accident.

Make Yourself Visible
Since 31 percent of all traffic accidents on Halloween involve alcohol, it is crucial for you and your children to be as visible as possible while going from house to house. By using flashlights and reflectors, your Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer will be able to prove you took all necessary precautions to keep everyone safe.

Always Use Sidewalks
Since there will likely be many more drunk drivers on the road, always resist the temptation to walk in the street and instead stay on sidewalks. If you don’t, you increase the chances of being hit by a drunk or distracted driver. Should this happen to you, consult a Los Angeles personal injury attorney at Grey Law.

Cross at Traffic Signals
If you are walking through a town or city on Halloween, always cross at traffic signals. Not only will this increase your chances of staying safe, but many of these signals have cameras mounted on them as well. Thus, should you be hit by a careless driver, your Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney will have video evidence to show the court the other driver was negligent.

Don’t Get Distracted
Whether it is you or your children, don’t become distracted while trick-or-treating. For example, don’t let yourself get caught up staring at your smartphone or engaged in a phone conversation while walking. If this happens, there is a far greater chance you will become unaware of what is around you, which could lead to you or your children stepping out in front of a moving vehicle.

Since Halloween is supposed to be a fun holiday for children and adults alike, do everything possible to stay safe. However, should you do so and still find yourself the victim of a Halloween pedestrian accident, speak with a pedestrian accident attorney Los Angeles residents trust, such as one at Grey Law.

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