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How to Choose the Right Bike Lights to Prevent Accidents

Even though bike lights are getting smaller and lighter, they still deliver brighter illumination for safety. It is important to note that not all bike lights guarantee safety. Instead, they often lead to bicycle accidents. In case of an accident, you can contact a bicycle accident lawyer Los Angeles to help you acquire compensation.

For instance, cheap lights are only visible from ten meters or less. It means that there isn’t enough room for a motorist to react to such a sudden situation. You are likely to get injured; thus, you will need the help of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

When you decide to purchase a bike light, you need to ask yourself whether you want to see, to be seen by motorists or both. That said, here is how to choose the right bike lights to prevent accidents.

Type of Bike Lights
To ensure that you are visible to pedestrians and motorists, equip your bike with front, rear and sidelights. This will prevent an accident. However, if an accident occurs, contact a Los Angeles bike accident attorney.

There are different types of bike lights. They include:

High-output bike lights- most of these bike lights are rechargeable. They are brighter and more expensive compared to bicycle safety lights. They help you navigate the road in almost all conditions.

Safety lights– the primary purpose of safety lights is to help motorists and pedestrians see you at night or in dark areas. However, they aren’t bright enough. Therefore you can’t use them to see. Bright rear lights can blind motorists, which can lead to accidents. If you are involved in an accident, it is advisable to ask for advice from a bicycle accident lawyer Los Angeles.

Light Performance
A Los Angeles bike accident attorney will tell you that when choosing the ideal lights for your bike, make sure that you consider their light performance. Most bike lights have a durable and waterproof housing to withstand any weather conditions.

LEDs are durable and energy-efficient. It is why they are the most used in bike lights. Additionally, you can choose your preferred brightness level.

When buying a bike light, make sure that you check the lumen rating. The rating shows the amount of light that falls on the pedestrian or oncoming motorists. You can contact a Los Angeles injury lawyer if you get injured during an accident.

You will also have to consider the beam pattern. If you are riding your bike in a well-lit street, you will need a light with a narrow focus beam. On the other hand, a wide-focus will come in handy on dark roads to avoid accidents. A car and bike accident lawyer Los Angeles will give you all the legal help you need.

Rechargeable Bike Lights
Reachable lights are ideal for your bike. They contain lithium-ion batteries which can be charged and run for long periods. When the battery is about to drain, you will see a low battery warning. Their light is always consistent, unlike using alkaline batteries.

You should recharge your lithium-ion battery to full capacity before storage. However, do not overcharge the battery.

Run Time
The right bike light should run for long periods. You do not want your bike light going off when still on the road because of the battery. If this happens, you risk hitting a pedestrian or being hit by a motorist. When this happens, do not hesitate to seek legal help from a car and bike accident lawyer Los Angeles.

Most of the time, bike lights are seen as a hassle. You have put them on and then remove them to recharge, prevent theft, and avoid dirt. Therefore the right bike light should be easy to place and take off.

Also, the right bike light should not come off easily. If this happens, you are likely to hit a pothole and get injured. A personal injury bicycle accident lawyer will offer any legal help necessary.

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