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if a tree falls on my car is the city liable for the damages

Property owners and landlords have dozens of responsibilities, and keeping guests and tenants safe is a top priority. This includes correcting issues occupants may run into on public property, like a spill or a faulty railing at city hall. These professionals are accountable for certain damages that occur on their property – which can include falling tree branches. However, these cases are always extremely detailed. If you step up against the city of Los Angeles, prepare to be patient and specific. An attorney can walk you through the specifics of your case, and he or she can recommend the best ways for you to secure the compensation you need.

Unfortunately, if one of the city’s trees damages your car, you may not see any reimbursement for quite a while. These cases often end up with lengthy litigation or a complete denial of insurance claims. As you set out to file a report and seek damages, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Collect records of tree service requests or complaints. If a branch simply falls, insurance companies may deny the claim, as it was not the city’s fault. Proving whether this is true is the cornerstone of such a case. Hence, like any personal claim, details are your best friend. Work with a legal team if needed; these specialists typically have their own network of professionals, such as local arborists, who can lend their expert opinion to your case. If it boils to your words against theirs, expert testimony will make a huge difference.
  • Note any complaints or signs of problems before the damage took place. For example, if dozens of other people complained to the city about the problem, insurance companies will have a harder time claiming innocence. A tree previously documented as unsafe may also imply greater liability and greater compensation.
  • Do not take no for an answer. If you go to city hall alone, expect quality service but a slow response – and do not be surprised if your claim is flat-out rejected. Insurance companies would lose thousands if they agreed to every claim that came across their desks. Though this tactic is understandable, in your case, it might not be ethical.
  • Learn, and stand up for your rights. Reading this page is a good start, but personal injury and property laws in California are complicated. If you struggle to work with an insurance company or the city, reach out to an attorney. This proves how serious you are about the claim, and legal support on your side can facilitate the entire process.

Unfortunately, insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible. In cases that involve falling tree branches, this is especially true, and claiming the event was an act of God may be a defense that puts you out thousands of dollars. Against such extensive property damage, it is vital to know when you need professional help.

These complex cases frequently involve insurance disputes, personal injury damages, and dozens of other critical details. Thus, it is important to work with a legal team experienced in these areas. Situations involving trees may require the help of expert witnesses, such as arborists, to analyze the trees for any signs of negligence – such as bad trimming or heavier limbs that pose a safety threat. Cities can also be backed up with similar claims, meaning it will take a long time to realize results on your own – if any at all.

Grey Law is one firm in Los Angeles with this level of commitment and an unmatched drive to represent our clients and fight for the best compensation possible. Do not let insurance companies bully you, or let the responsible party off the hook if an official simply states the city is not liable. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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