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Main Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents

Walking is a healthier way of traveling. However, it is not always safer. Seventy thousand pedestrians are injured each year, and 4,000 people are killed by cars each year. Drivers are responsible for looking out for pedestrians. The pedestrians are also responsible for keeping themselves safe.

Identifying the main factors that cause a pedestrian accident are one of the keys to avoiding them.

      1. Improper Lane Usage
        Sixty-six percent of pedestrian accidents occur on city streets. If a bike rides on the sidewalk and hits a person, then the pedestrian can end up on the road.
      2. Unmarked Crosswalks
        It can be dangerous for pedestrians to cross at the crosswalk. However, signaled crosswalks can greatly reduce the risk of an accident.
      3. Left-Hand Turns
        Signaled crosswalks are safer, but they do not completely eliminate a pedestrian’s risk of being hit. Pedestrians are three times more likely to be hit by a driver who is turning left than someone who is turning right.
      4. Electronics
        Drivers are not the only ones who should not be using electronics. One study showed that eight percent of pedestrian accidents occurred while the driver was using a cell phone or listening to music with their headphones.

    Quiet Cars
    Quiet cars may seem like they are ideal. However, hybrid cars and battery-operated cars are 40 percent more likely to hit someone.

    1. Dark Clothes
      Seventy percent of pedestrian accidents occur at night. Many of the pedestrians who are hit are wearing dark clothes. That is why it is best to wear light-colored clothing while walking.
    2. Alcohol
      Thirty-seven percent of the people who are injured in a pedestrian accident had a blood-alcohol level above 0.08. Intoxicated drivers play a role in 13 percent of pedestrian accidents.
    3. Arterial Roads
      High-speed and multi-lane roadways are necessary for cities. However, these types of roads can make walking more dangerous.

    Contact a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer
    You need the help of a Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney if you have been hurt in an accident. A pedestrian accident attorney Los Angeles can hold the person who caused the accident responsible. A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can also help you get compensated.

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