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Open Car Door Motorcycle Accidents

When there is an open car door motorcycle accident, it is common for the blame to be placed on the motorcyclist. There is a common misconception that motorcyclists are generally reckless. The reality is the majority of accidents involving vehicles and motorcycles result from a driver failing to notice an oncoming motorcycle. An accident victim should speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer Los Angeles to protect their rights in this situation and more.

An open car door motorcycle accident can result in serious injuries. The victims of these types of accidents often require medical care. They sometimes need to have rehabilitation services for the duration of their life. This can result in a motorcycle accident victim, and their family, struggling to meet their financial obligations. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney will know the legal steps to take to make sure the victim is compensated fairly.

There are many different causes of motorcycle accidents involving an open car door, including:

Distracted Motorcyclist – Accidents have happened when a motorcyclist wasn’t paying attention to their surroundings.

Negligence – Drivers have failed to look for a motorcyclist before they opened their car door. The driver and their passengers are required by law to look prior to opening their car door in traffic.

Poor Visibility – Bad weather like snow, fog or rain can make it challenging to see a motorcyclist.

Road Defects – Roads with potholes make it necessary for a motorcyclist to move around them. A motorcyclist may get too close to a parked car and have an open car door accident.

Motorcycle Turning – It is required by law for a motorcyclist to go to the right side of the road prior to making a right-hand turn. This may result in them riding too close to a parked vehicle.

Illegal Parking – It is common for a vehicle illegally parked to be in a situation where it may be very difficult to see an oncoming motorcyclist.

A motorcycle lawyer Los Angeles knows what it takes to determine accident liability. The person opening the car door will be considered at fault. They could be made responsible for all damages. The law requires a driver and their passengers to exercise reasonable care when it comes to opening the doors of a vehicle. A door should not be left open longer than is reasonably necessary.

The amount of compensation awarded in an individual case will be based on its circumstances. If a motorcyclist was found to have been unsafe in their actions, they could be required to share the blame and have their compensation reduced. Anyone who is the victim of an open car door motorcycle accident should discuss their situation with a motorcycle injury attorney Los Angeles. They will know how to analyze a case and determine the best legal course.

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