Road Tips: Sharing the Road with Semi-Truck Drivers
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Road Tips: Sharing the Road with Semi-Truck Drivers

Who doesn’t feel a little anxious when sharing the highway with a semi-truck? Unlike passenger vehicles, driving next to an 18-wheeler that is substantially bigger poses more risks should an accident occur.

In the U.S. over 250,000 collisions happen between truck drivers and motorists each year. Most of these accidents are spurred by negligence or reckless habits. At Grey Law, these are the types of cases that come across the desk of our accident injury attorney.

We have recovered millions for clients who’ve suffered damages at the hands of a truck driver or trucking company. Before getting on the road, they should know how to check for blind spots, operate with a heavy load, and when to slow down.

To ensure everyone’s safety, read on for several safety tips below. Take these extra precautions, whether you’re driving for work, leisure, or trying to get to your next destination.

Passing The Truck

Always pass on the left-hand side to ensure that the truck driver sees you ahead and in their rear-view. Keep a safe distance as you speed up, and merge back into the lane of your choice when it’s safe to do so.

Look Out for Wide-Turns

Not every truck driver has mastered making a wide turn. And even if they have, sometimes they might not always see vehicles approaching directly next to or behind them. If you notice someone making a right turn, refrain from speeding past.

Keep A Safe Distance

Always maintain a proper distance. Tailgating is the leading cause of rear-end accidents in the U.S. If you find that the truck driver is aggressively attempting to pass you, reduce your speed and allow them to get around the car. It’s best to be safe in these situations.

Avoid Using Bright Lights

High beams or generally bright headlights can potentially blind the driver ahead of you as it reflects through their large side mirrors. Depending on the nature of the incident, you might be held liable for their injuries.

Anticipate What Might Happen

Regardless of the situation, always anticipate what could happen next. Whether you’re driving, biking, or riding on your motorcycle, be prepared for the unexpected. We’re here to answer additional questions you may have at our truck accident law firm.

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