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What are the 3 Main Types of Product Liability?

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There are three types of product liability that would lead you to seek product liability attorney Los Angeles as described below. Defective products are the cause of thousands of injuries from defective vehicles, airbags, furniture, and products with hazardous chemicals. If a defective product injures you, the first thing you need is a Los Angeles personal injury attorney to help you with the claims. Below are the three types of product liability that a product injury lawyer Los Angeles can help with:

Design Defect Product Liability
This is where a product is dangerous based on its design and not the manufacturing error. For instance, a car with a heavier top risks toppling and rolling and the design can be said to be defective.

Although the laws in different states vary, a product is defective if it doesn’t perform as safely as you expect it to if you use it as instructed by the manufacturer. You do not have to be the direct user of the product to recover in design defect liability. If you are a bystander and the product affects you in any way, you stand to recover from the defects of the product.

The defective product lawyer Los Angeles will help you recover defect liability claims. However, you might need to prove your relationship with the product, the defect on the product, and the relationship between the defect and your injuries.

Manufacturing Defects Product Liability
Manufacturing defects are common. Here, the lawsuit seeks to show that the original design of the product is safe for users, but something changed the design during manufacture, making the product unsafe.

Manufacturing defects occur when a design does not perform as intended, and it does not work as safely as the original design intended. Take the example or tires designed to support the weight of a car, resist puncture, wear, and tear. In normal cases, the tire will perform exceptionally.

However, if dust gets into the adhesive or any other part during manufacturing, the tire will not perform as intended. Such a tire might have its threads separate during manufacture and that may cause an injury. If such a separation causes an accident and injury, physical or psychological, you can sue the product manufacturer through a Los Angeles injury lawyer.

Marketing Liability
The liability claims here focus on warnings, labeling of the product, and the marketing language. If a product poses some inherent danger that the manufacturer fails to mention on the label or during marketing, you can sue them for any injury caused through a product liability attorney Los Angeles. 

Labeling and marketing liability is common with medication. If a patient takes a medication and experiences adverse effects that the manufacturer did not disclose, the user has a right to sue the pharmaceutical company. Marketing liability claims are for unavoidable and not unavoidable dangerous products.

Manufacturers do not warn of all the risks but only those that are discoverable in the light of prevailing knowledge available. Every product that can harm people should have a label and a warning. For instance, the “McDonald’s hot coffee case” where a customer spilled hot coffee on themselves changed the way businesses label products.

In case of injury from any of the above, a product injury lawyer Los Angeles will help you recover claims. With a defective product lawyer Los Angeles, the claims process is easier.

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