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What is a MIST Claim and How Does It Affect My Injury Lawsuit?

Has your insurance company designated your accident case as a “MIST Claim?” If so, you might be wondering what this means for you and your potential lawsuit.

MIST is an acronym for ‘Minor Impact Soft Tissue.’ Insurance companies will use this term after they investigate and evaluate all property and out-of-pocket costs. If an insurance adjuster determines that your accident was worth between $1,000 to $1,500 in damages, they will label it as a MIST claim. Once that happens, they will propose the lowest settlement possible.

In most cases, visible vehicle damages and medical care expenses exceed $5,000. A car accident lawyer in Los Angeles can argue that an assessment of the vehicle damage does not reflect the full severity of your injuries. Read on for two frequently asked questions on how they make their decision.

What is a soft tissue injury?

A soft tissue injury refers to any muscle damage that might be hard for you to spot without a proper health assessment after a car accident. Whiplash affects over one million people a year when they get involved in even the slightest fender bender. Sometimes the symptoms don’t show up immediately – causing chronic pain and long-term disabilities.

Adjusters are fully aware that victims might not experience injuries right away. Concluding you have no visible damage or injuries is a tactic that saves them time and money by evading their responsibility. Fortunately, having an official doctor’s report can significantly support your compensation claim.

How do insurance companies handle MIST claims?

Insurance companies might engage in several approaches to handle your MIST claim. When you hear or see the term getting used, that indicates the adjuster underestimates how much your case is worth. A skilled lawyer can provide you with a proper case evaluation.

Note: They might refer to MIST claims as ‘DOLF’ (Don’t Offer to settle Litigate Fully).
Insurance companies never have your best interests in mind and only act if the jury orders them. An accident injury attorney in Los Angeles can aid you in recovering a better option, as most cases require litigation and trial with the negligent driver.

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