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What You Should And Should Not Say To A Workers’ Compensation Adjuster

When you sustain an injury while in your workplace, and you suspect that someone else is responsible for the damages and injuries, you have a right to claim for workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to come out triumphant at the end of the journey. When you file a workers’ comp claim, your employer’s insurance company and lawyers will do everything in their capacity to minimize your claim and pay as little compensation as possible or even nothing. You will be required to talk to an adjuster for an adequate assessment of the incident.

Whatever you say during these sessions might make or break your case. This brings us to the main agenda of this piece. What should and should you not say to a workers’ comp adjuster?

The Do’s
Your Los Angeles injury lawyer should prepare you for these sessions with the workers’ comp adjuster. It’s important to understand that the adjuster isn’t on your side. You should:

Give limited details of your personal information
Your trip and fall lawyer Los Angeles will guide you on the kind of information to disclose and what to retain. Some of this information might be used against you.

Describe your injuries in depth
Explain to the adjuster how, when, and why your injuries came up. Do not exclude any information as the adjuster might decide not to pay for injuries not mentioned before during settlement.

Be polite
It’s important to make the process smooth despite the anger and frustrations caused. Your trip and fall lawyer Los Angeles will recommend staying calm during meetings. You never know, this might just work in your favor.

Ask necessary questions
Seek advice from your slip and fall lawyer Los Angeles about the kind of questions to ask the adjuster. They should be clever to keep the other party engaged. The questions might help the adjuster see things from your point of view. 

The Don’ts

Admitting fault
Any fall injury attorney Los Angeles will advise you against using apologetic language or admitting to fault. The adjuster is always looking for ways to pin the blame on you and give the insurer reason not to pay up your compensation. If you feel you are partly to blame for the accident, wait for an official investigation before admitting.

Make a recorded statement
With the help of a slip and fall lawyer Los Angeles, he or she should help you navigate the process and educate you on how to avoid making mistakes that could cost you your compensation. You are under no obligation to make a recorded statement requested by an adjuster. Most will look for naive victims and coax them into making recorded statements that they could use against you in the future.

Accept the first deal on the table
When it’s clear that you deserve compensation, the adjuster will try to sneak a deal. Most likely, the deal won’t be fair. Do not accept the offer if you haven’t spoken to your fall injury attorney Los Angeles. Always seek expert opinion before accepting the proposals presented by the adjuster.

We understand that the process after a workplace accident and filing a workers’ compensation claim can be frustrating. However, we at Grey Law strive to make the process easier by offering you expert guidance and help. Call us today to speak to a licensed and qualified Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

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