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Will Your Dog Be Put Down After Biting Someone?

If your dog bites someone in Los Angeles, the city can remove the dog. City officials will have a hearing before putting a dog to death. You can hire a Los Angeles dog bite injury attorney for help. A court will decide if your dog is a threat to the public. The city will put down your dog right away if it has rabies during a bite attack. Authorities may also put your dog to sleep for two separate biting incidents. If your dog causes a life-threatening injury to one person, the city may put down your dog. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney is ready to answer your questions about dog bite cases.

Dogs With Rabies
First, if your dog has rabies during a bite attack, the city will end the dog’s life. No public hearing has to take place if this is the case. In California, when a dog bites someone, the health department conducts an investigation. The canine goes into quarantine for 10 days. This process is in place to protect the public from the disease. Rabies can spread to humans and other animals. It is important that you check to make sure your dog’s shots are up to date. A Los Angeles dog bite injury attorney might be able to help you with an appeal. But, usually, the city will put the dog down.

Dogs Biting Incidents
After a court hearing, authorities may put a dog down if it has bitten two people. The dog attacks shall be two separate incidents. You can offer evidence to defend your dog during the hearing. Also, you can find a lawyer for dog bite attacks to help with the case. The courts will say your dog is a threat, or your dog is not a threat to the community. A court can revoke your dog owner’s license or suspend the license. The hearing examiner can also rule that your dog is a threat to the community, and put the dog down. You do have the right to appeal the hearing examiner’s decision within 15 days after you receive the notice. A Los Angeles injury lawyer can explain the two bite law.

Life Threatening Injury
If your dog causes a life-threatening injury to one person, the city can put the dog down. “ Between 2001 and 2003, an estimated 4,521,300 persons were bitten each year.” If you have a dog, follow the rules outlined by the Los Angeles Animal Care and Control Department. Every dog owner in Los Angeles must have a dog license. This rule is in place to help the city collect information about your dog. Please keep in mind that a dog bite lawyer Los Angeles can help victims get compensation from you. Contain your dog within a fence or keep your dog on a leash. You can buy dog liability insurance. A lawyer for dog bite attacks can explain the one-person rule in more detail.

Finally, if you train your dog to attack or fight, the Los Angeles city authorities can put your dog down. Also, victims of dog bites can sue the owner(s) for medical expenses. In fact, the owner(s) can also be fined or put in jail for having a dangerous dog. You will face many legal issues if you do not contain, or train your dog. A dog bite lawyer Los Angeles can represent you in court.

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