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Are There Benefits to Having a Birth Injury Lawyer?

How A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Maximize Your Claim

For every 1000 births in the U.S., approximately seven injuries occur. There are several risks associated with the birthing process. A simple mistake can be the difference between your newborn living with or without a long-term disability.

At Grey Law Firm our injury lawyer has offered a voice of reason for clients. You place your trust in the hospital to keep everyone safe. When a preventable accident happens from medical negligence, there can be some horrible implications. In this situation, we understand that recovering compensation might be the last thing on your mind. When tending to your child’s health, we can help you get the financial support needed during this time.

How Do You Prove Birth Injury?

A birth injury attorney from Grey Law is specialized in recognizing signs of medical negligence throughout all stages of pregnancy. We will investigate and pull crucial evidence to prove how the doctor or medical practitioner directly caused you or your baby harm. A few examples include:

  • The doctor prescribed the wrong medication
  • The medical procedure was done improperly
  • An obvious medical complication or health issue went undetected
  • The wrong delivery tools were used during delivery
  • The delivery was delayed
  • Fetal distress went unnoticed by medical staff
  • The C-Section delivery was pushed back

Doctors should continuously monitor their patients throughout pregnancy – especially as the days inch closer to labor and delivery. If you feel that the medical staff is not listening to you and has caused a great deal of stress, it can be used against them in court. The smallest action can cause the baby to suffer from oxygen deprivation.

Which Birth Injuries Warrant a Lawsuit

Birth injury cases are highly complex. Not all of them can lead to a successful lawsuit. For instance, if a woman regularly smokes throughout the pregnancy, it could cause defects. The doctor would not be responsible for the complications that follow.

There is a long list of common injuries caused by recklessness or negligence. We list them below for your reference:

The medical team should perform several exams before delivery. It allows them to detect any problems or address concerns before the procedure – especially c-sections.

What An Attorney Can Do to Help

A birth injury attorney can help relieve the burdens and stress associated with legal action. David Grey is here to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf while defending your case against medical officials and defense lawyers. Having us on your side also guarantees:

  • You will walk away with the best settlement offer
  • You don’t have to communicate with the opposing parties
  • A birth injury lawsuit gets filed in a timely manner
  • The cause is backed by strong evidence, testimonials, and medical records
  • Your family walks away with a peace of mind

How Long After Birth Injury Can You Sue?

In California the statute of limitations is two years from the date of the accident. We would encourage you to begin the claims process immediately. The number of damages recoverable is dependent on your case. The longer you wait could delay a proper investigation if there was negligence involved.

About Grey Law

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When you or a loved one are injured due to negligence, carelessness, or wrongful acts of another person, David Grey is ready to help. Seeking compensation or negotiating with insurance companies can be stressful, especially while recovering. Let us do that for you. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are well-versed in several practice areas:

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