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What Parents Should Know About Birth Injury Cases

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If you experienced a complicated or harmful birth and you are worried that your child may have sustained a birth injury, then we understand that you have an abundance of questions and concerns regarding the situation. At Grey Law, we understand how stressful and emotional something like this could be, which is why it is important to know about the following regarding birth injuries.

Here is a list of the five things parents should be aware of that can help you have a better understanding of your situation.

Difference Between Birth Injuries And Birth Defects

If your child was injured during the time of birth, then it is imperative that you understand the difference between birth injuries and birth defects.

For example, birth defects affect your child’s DNA, such as heart defects, Down Syndrome, cleft palate, or the like. Most times, these birth defects cannot be prevented.

On the other hand, birth injuries are essentially preventable, and are usually caused by negligence in medical care, medications affecting pregnancy, improper use of medical equipment, and more. A few examples of birth injuries are oxygen deprivation, cerebral palsy, pulmonary hypertension, and more.

Pay Attention To How Your Child Develops

As a parent, you should always pay close attention to how your child develops. For example, you should pay attention to when your child is sitting up, crawling, walking, and more. If your child is not meeting certain milestones at a certain age or is delayed developmentally, there may be underlying issues that your child is facing.

If you notice any birth injury symptoms such as the ones below, you should consult with your child’s pediatrician:

  • Health-related issues: Fever, low heart rate, constipation, jaundice, anemia, hearing or vision problems, and more.
  • Activity-related issues: Problems with feeding, excessive fussiness, nausea or vomiting, seizures, and more.
  • Skeletal symptoms: Fractures, muscle stiffness or weakness, slow movement or reflexes, and more.

Scientific Research

The APGAR scoring system, also known as the “Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, and Respiration” scoring system is a test that assesses the overall health of a child. Although the AGAR test is important, there are several other factors that you should consider as well.

If you have any questions regarding birth injuries, speak to your child’s pediatrician and look into scientific research studies, which are extremely helpful.

Serious Birth Injuries Doesn’t Equate To Severity Of Impact

Parents should keep in mind that the severity of a child’s injuries following delivery does not always mean that the impact was extensive. With that being said, parents should always be aware of the fact that children can be set back even by the smallest problems.

Do Not Wait Until Your Child is 18 to Pursue Legal Action

If your child suffered from a birth injury, do not wait to pursue legal action until he or she is 18 years old. You must make sure that you pursue legal action as soon as you have realized that your child was injured. Keep in mind that in order to pursue legal action, you must do it within a timely manner because there is a statute of limitations.

Because birth injuries have such serious repercussions, your child might be left with lifelong injuries that may require extended medical care, surgeries, therapy, and more.

As a parent, it is imperative that you seek help from a newborn injury lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as possible to preserve your child’s rights. The longer you wait, the more you can potentially jeopardize the birth injury case.

Contact a Birth Injury Attorney Los Angeles

At Grey Law, we have an abundance of experience in helping children and their families get the justice and compensation they deserve. We understand that dealing with the repercussions of a birth injury after the labor you or your loved one endured is never easy to deal with, which is why you need to seek help from a reputable attorney as soon as possible.

You have the right to pursue justice on behalf of your child to help pay for extensive medical bills, pain and suffering, and much more. Feel free to reach out to us any time to speak to a reputable Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

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