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Traumatic Birth Injuries

Did Your Child Suffer from a Birth Injury? Contact a Newborn Birth Injury Attorney Los Angeles

While most women go through childbirth and have a healthy baby, others experience just the opposite. Rather than being one of the happiest times of their lives, thousands of women each year endure the tragic experience of their child suffering a traumatic birth injury during delivery. When this occurs, the results can be devastating. From severe brain injuries resulting in intellectual disabilities to physical issues that lead to a lifetime of surgeries and endless pain and suffering, families find themselves constantly facing large medical bills and other related expenses. However, when seeking compensation for these injuries, the process can be complex. If your baby suffered traumatic injuries during birth, call on a Los Angeles personal injury attorney from Grey Law for assistance.
While there may be rare circumstances when birth injuries occur due to situations that may be unforeseen by doctors, the vast majority of traumatic birth injuries happen due to negligence and carelessness on the part of healthcare professionals. This can happen when doctors and others assigned to the birth team fail to notice such things as the baby’s heart rate and blood pressure being dangerously low, complications developing with the mother, and other developments that always indicate additional safety measures must be taken immediately. If this happened to you and your baby, turn to a birth injury attorney Los Angeles mothers count on at Grey Law.

Excessive Force During Delivery
When a doctor starts to experience difficulty delivering a baby, they often go to extremes to make sure everything goes as planned. Unfortunately, this often results in excessive force being used during the delivery. Since doctors and nurses are racing against time to deliver a healthy baby, they may misuse forceps and vacuum extractors when attempting to guide the baby through the mother’s birth canal. Since both of these instruments are used on the baby’s head, brain hemorrhaging can take place if they are not positioned correctly on the baby’s head. If your baby was a victim of physician negligence such as this, contact a newborn birth injury attorney Los Angeles families rely on for justice from Grey Law.

Misuse of Labor-Inducing Drugs
When a woman is in labor for a long period of time, doctors may make the decision to induce labor by using various drugs. Two of the most common are pitocin and cytotec, both of which can be very dangerous to both mother and baby. Since these drugs are known for producing intense contractions during delivery, doctors must know exactly how to administer these drugs in order to avoid catastrophe. If mistakes are made, babies are subjected to long periods of strong pushing and forcing known as hyperstimulation. If this results in cord compression or rupturing of the mother’s uterus, the baby can be deprived of oxygen and suffer brain damage. If this occurred during your child’s birth, do not hesitate to seek out the services of an experienced birth injury malpractice lawyer from Grey Law.

Mismanaging Fetal Presentation
Since doctors are trained in how to deliver babies who may be in different positions prior to birth, there should be no surprises that present themselves when things are a bit different. However, this does not always happen. In fact, when a baby may be presenting itself in the breech position or other positions considered to be abnormal, doctors and nurses should know exactly what to do to ensure a safe childbirth. In many of these situations, doctors fail to perform a C-section and instead continue with attempts of vaginal delivery. When this happens, umbilical cords can become entangled around the baby, leading to oxygen deprivation and injuries such as cerebral palsy. If this takes place, a lifetime of suffering and medical care will be ahead. To gain compensation for such incompetence and malpractice, work closely with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney at the offices of Grey Law.

Facial Nerve Injuries
When doctors choose not to perform a Caesarean section on a mother and instead are determined to deliver a baby vaginally, facial nerve injuries to the baby are often the result. This is especially true when babies are considered to be very large based on their gestational age. Occurring most frequently with mothers who may be obese or diabetic, this condition must be monitored very closely prior to childbirth to ensure a smooth delivery. Otherwise, facial nerve injuries as well as fractured clavicles can be common traumatic birth injuries. Due to a doctor knowing the complications that can develop in these situations, they are expected to use their skills and knowledge to minimize any risks. If they fail to do so, the damage to a baby is often permanent. When dealing with such circumstances, hold a doctor accountable for their negligence by hiring a birth injury attorney Los Angeles mothers know will fight hard for their rights in these cases.

Preventing Traumatic Birth Injuries
Due to the many complexities associated with childbirth, doctors and nurses who deal with these situations on a regular basis are expected to provide a certain standard of care to expectant mothers so that traumatic birth injuries do not happen. To do so, they should do certain things along the way, such as know the mother’s medical history and perform proper diagnostic tests to help them detect any problems that may occur. In addition, the fetal heart rate must always be closely monitored so that the doctor will know if and when a C-section will be needed. If these steps are not taken, the risk of traumatic birth injuries greatly increases. If you and your baby were the victims of medical malpractice, immediately contact a newborn birth injury attorney Los Angeles mothers know they can count on at Grey Law.

While no amount of money can make your baby completely healthy following a traumatic birth injury, it can allow you to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. To do so, schedule a consultation at once with a birth injury malpractice lawyer at Grey Law.

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