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The Difference Between Boating and Jet Ski Accidents

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Jet skiing is a popular pastime during the warm summer months. Southern California is particularly a prime destination for ski enthusiasts. With any personal watercraft or boat comes the risk of injuries. At Grey Law, our accident injury attorney blames most incidents on negligence.

Most times the plaintiff is operating dangerously, failing to abide by state laws, and ignoring age restrictions. If you’ve been injured on a jet ski or experienced a near-drowning accident, it’s time to give our legal team a call. We will work with you to manage the claim and negotiate with insurance companies.

How fast you recover is determined by the compensation you acquire from the negligent parties involved. This article will address several questions, including: “Is someone else liable if I am hurt while riding a jet ski?” If you have direct questions, give our office a call.

Common Causes of Jet Ski Accidents

In the United States over 12 million people have registered recreational watercraft. Of that number, a little over a million own jet skis.

Studies show jet ski accidents account for approximately 20% of all boating accidents each year. Because jet skis are much smaller, unlike an average boat (20-30 feet), that means there’s less coverage and protection. You’re prone to going at much faster speeds – but face the following:

  • Loss of power: when this happens, you lose total control of the jet ski. It increases the possibility of crashing into other watercraft, properties, and more.
  • Inclement weather: stormy weather and rough currents can be unpredictable. You’re susceptible to capsizing.
  • Limited visibility: operating a jet ski at night or in foggy conditions puts you and others at risk.
  • Defects: to prevent these types of injuries, always check for potential risks before getting out on the water. That might include taking an extra look at the engine, checking for faulty brakes, or looking for a loose battery cable.

Another significant liability is whether the operator had been trained and prepared before riding a jet ski. Something as small as forgetting to supply safety gear can prove negligence in court.

Personal Injuries Associated with Jet Skis

Always seek medical attention immediately if you’ve been injured on a jet ski. Anything can happen at a moment’s notice. Common injuries our watercraft accident attorney help clients recover compensation for include:

  • Concussions, TBI
  • Bruises from falling off the jet ski
  • Lung damage from drowning
  • Broken bones
  • Cuts or lacerations
  • Neck injuries

The last thing on your mind while you focus on recovering from a severe injury might be to contact a lawyer. Having our legal team on your side is extremely important as we increase your chances of winning the lawsuit.

Can I Sue If I Am Hurt While Riding a Jet Ski?

If you got hurt while riding a jet ski, you have every right to sue the at-fault party for your injuries and property damages. Personal injuries can last for months, even years without proper treatment.

When someone accidentally collides into another jet ski, for example, the injuries are often life-threatening. It might be so severe that the victim must take time off work or risk losing their job entirely. Regardless of how the accident unfolded, you need an experienced attorney to help you understand more about your loss and review all aspects of your claim.

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