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Damages recoverable for brain injuries

Our Los Angeles Head Injury Lawyer Will Recover Compensation For Your Damages

Every 21 seconds in the United States, a person is involved in an accident that results in them sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Whether this occurs due to being involved in an auto accident, slipping and falling in a parking lot, or being hit in the head while participating in a sporting event, these and other situations can result in brain injuries that are often life-altering for victims and their families. Due to the serious consequences of these injuries, it will be crucial to pursue legal representation to secure maximum compensation for these injuries.

Have You Experienced Brain Injuries After an Accident?

Brain Injuries

Based on data from the CDC, 2.8 million Americans suffer traumatic brain injuries on an annual basis. But while some of these injuries may at first seem minor, they can often turn into very serious matters in a matter of hours or days. Unfortunately, many people who may hit their heads do not believe they are seriously injured, and thus do not seek medical assistance. As a result, their brain injuries often turn out to be far worse due to the delay in treatment. To ensure you gain compensation for your injuries, strengthen your claim with a lawyer.

Medical Expenses

When an individual suffers a traumatic brain injury from an auto accident or other incident, extensive medical treatment is usually required. Along with the immediate medical needs which often include surgery or extended hospital stays, TBI victims also often require long periods of physical, occupational, and speech therapy in order to regain certain skills that may have been lost or damaged due to their injury. Needless to say, even with health insurance, these expenses can go very high in a short period of time. To receive compensation to help cover the cost of these expenses, turn to a trusted attorney.

Lost Wages

Since the victim of a TBI has their life drastically altered due to the injury, they are unable to go to work for weeks, months, or possibly are no longer able to resume their career. Whatever the case may be, it is imperative victims in these situations be compensated for their lost wages. Just as it is with medical expenses, TBI victims can be compensated not only for current lost wages or medical expenses, but also for lost wages or medical expenses that may occur in the future. Rather than endure financial hardship due to the negligence of others, schedule a consultation with a reputable law firm like Grey Law to discuss your situation in more detail.

Surgery and Assisted-Living Expenses

In addition to surgical costs that often result from these injuries, many TBI victims also require extended stays in assisted-living facilities once they are discharged from the hospital. In many cases, victims and their families do not have the financial resources or long-term care insurance needed to cover these unexpected expenses. As a result, some families are forced to declare bankruptcy or even sell their homes and other possessions in an effort to pay for these expenses. Rather than let someone else’s negligence force your family into financial ruin, turn to a knowledgeable attorney with experience handling traumatic brain injury cases. He or she can help you gain much-needed financial compensation.

Pain and Suffering

When traumatic brain injuries occur, victims suffer an endless array of pain and suffering. Since these injuries impact numerous parts of the body, making even the simplest moves or completing tasks that once were easy and second-nature now become extremely painful or almost impossible. Due to the daily toll the pain and suffering takes on victims, courts are often willing to award significant amounts of money as compensation in this area. But to ensure you do indeed receive the financial compensation you deserve for pain and suffering, work closely with an accident injury attorney in Los Angeles from Grey Law.

Mental and Emotional Anguish

While many people focus only on the physical toll traumatic brain injuries have on their victims, much less attention is given to the mental and emotional anguish these individuals suffer as well. Due to their injuries, victims are often left requiring 24/7 care and needing help with bathing, dressing, going to the bathroom, and other tasks. Because of this, they often feel embarrassed, sad, and may believe they have simply become a burden to those they love. When this happens, severe depression and anxiety can become part of daily life, sometimes even leading to attempts of suicide. In many cases, victims may require counseling along with their medical appointments, leading to even more expenses.

Funeral Expenses

In the event a TBI leads to the victim dying, families can seek compensation for expenses associated with the funeral and burial expenses. In most cases, these can add up to thousands of dollars for families, and are often unexpected. Since many families do not have money or insurance in place to pay for a funeral, this simply presents yet another potential financial hardship. This, coupled with the loss of a loved one, makes an already difficult situation much harder on everyone. Unfortunately, many families who are dealing with the loss of their loved one fail to think of this when seeking compensation. To get what you deserve for compensation, seek guidance from a mild brain injury attorney in Los Angeles families trust at Grey Law.

Since these injuries forever change the lives of victims and their families, do not let those whose negligence led to this not be held accountable for their actions. Instead, consult with a lawyer. In doing so, you will have an additional support system to depend on while you heal.

Your lawyer will put their in-house investigative team on your case. The job of the latter will be to review all the evidence connected to the accident. The investigators may re-interview the people who witnessed the accident and may track down others who were never interviewed. This often leads to new evidence that can help your case.

Your lawyer will also bring in independent medical experts to assess your condition. The extent of your injuries and the debilitation they have caused will be used by your attorney to get you more money.

If the party responsible for the accident that led to your head injury refuses to pay what is fair, your lawyer can use the findings of their investigation and the conclusions of medical experts to pressure them. The case need not go to trial. The respondent will probably want to settle rather than risk going before a jury, which may award you a much larger sum of money than you asked for. A smart, tough, capable lawyer will know how to get you compensation that is commensurate with all that you have suffered.

If you have suffered a traumatic head injury in an accident caused by another, then you should seek the counsel of a head injury lawyer.

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