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Electrocution and Electrical Burns

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An electrical burn, defined as an injury causing damage to a person’s skin or internal organs when making direct contact with an electrical current, can be one of the most painful and debilitating injuries that can happen to a person. Whether it is young children at home or even the most experienced electricians, construction workers, or other individuals, electrical burns and electrocutions can happen in an instant. Whether resulting in serious injuries or death, the lives of families are changed forever. Since these accidents have many unique circumstances surrounding them, it is always critical that victims and their families hire a Los Angeles personal injury attorney from Grey Law who has experience and knowledge of such cases.

Fighting for Victims

When electrical burns or electrocutions occur, things change very quickly for victims and families. If a victim survives their injuries, they will likely be unable to return to work due to numbness and tingling due to nerve damage. In addition, they may also experience significant problems with memory loss, and may even have personality changes following the accident. Yet despite this, insurance companies will probably attempt to deny compensation due to various unfounded reasons. Because of the important role maximum compensation will play in helping victims and families move forward, always rely on a Los Angeles electrical burn lawyer from Grey Law to handle these matters with diligence and a sense of urgency.

Electrical Burns Injuries

Along with nerve damage, memory loss, and even personality changes, victims in these situations also experience other devastating injuries that are difficult or impossible to overcome. Depending on the severity of the accident, many victims find themselves blinded in one or both eyes. While this can be temporary, many times it is permanent. In other situations, victims may have long-term brain damage and heart damage, leading to a loss of cognitive function and other health issues. Finally, if the burns were extremely severe, victims may have arms or legs amputated. No matter what combination of injuries victims suffer in these cases, medical bills will be enormous. To avoid financial ruin and gain the compensation you need and deserve, speak to an attorney from Grey Law to learn the steps involved in filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Types of Electrical Burns

Differing from chemical burns in that they cause much more extensive damage beneath the surface of the skin, electrical burns are categorized into six basic types. These include arc, flame, flash, low-voltage, high-voltage, and oral. In the United States injuries from electrical burns take well over 1,000 lives each year, with the mortality rate being as high as five percent. Because of this, it is critical to take as many precautions as possible. For example, since most oral burns occur when young children bite into electrical cords, parents and others should always take great care to ensure a tragic accident does not take place. Yet no matter what type of electrical burn injury you or a loved one suffered, always hold those responsible accountable for their negligence or carelessness.

Electrical Burns Treatment

No matter which type of electrical burn occurs, the victim will need immediate medical treatment to lessen the damage or perhaps save their life. In many situations, the victim will be rendered unconscious and may stop breathing, which will require CPR and assistance from paramedics. Along with this, great care will need to be given to victims in the event they suffer seizures due to the shock to their brain and internal organs. Once in a hospital, multiple surgeries are often needed to repair damaged skin, and the wounds will need around-the-clock dressing and cleaning so that infections do not set in. Thus, along with the physical pain and suffering comes emotional pain as well. With all this taking place, it is imperative significant compensation be granted to victims and families. To make this happen, let a traumatic injury lawyer from Grey Law handle your case.

Causes of Electrical Burns Injuries

As to what can cause electrical burns injuries, they can vary widely. Some of the most common include accidental contact with exposed wiring from appliances or overhead electrical wires, arc burns from high-voltage power lines, being struck by lightning, defective power tools or machinery, and children who either bite into electrical cords or poke metal objects into open electrical outlets. Whatever the case may be, the injuries that follow are almost always devastating. Even in the mildest of cases where these injuries take place, victims require extensive medical treatment and other forms of rehabilitation. In addition, returning to work does not happen for several months if ever, leaving families devastated financially. Rather than deal with these ramifications on your own, hire an experienced lawyer from Grey Law to get you the compensation needed to pay for medical treatment, replace lost income, and help with other expenses.

There are Rarely “Freak” Accidents

Many times when a person suffers an electrical burn injury or is electrocuted, an employer, product manufacturer, or insurance company will claim it was a “freak” accident that never could have been anticipated to happen. As a result, they will claim they are not liable for any damages that resulted, and thus should not be expected to offer compensation to victims and their families. However, once the circumstances surrounding these accidents are carefully examined by an experienced attorney, most victims are found innocent – as they did nothing wrong and that the accident was due to another party’s negligence or carelessness.

If you or a loved one are facing life after suffering electrical burns or electrocution, do not let those responsible for the tragedy walk away and fail to be held accountable for their negligence. Instead, schedule a consultation today with a lawyer that is well-versed in burns injuries, so you can gain much-needed financial compensation.

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