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Tour Bus Accidents and Liability

Who is Liable in a Tour Bus Accident?

Following something as serious as a tour bus accident, you may be wondering what legal options you have to seek compensation for your injury. Knowing who holds responsibility in the crash can help you build a strong case from the moment you file your claim.

Hiring trusted legal representation to explain your rights is crucial during this time, allows you to protect your best interests throughout the process. Before you do anything, it’s best to ensure you know exactly which parties you can hold accountable in various situations involving injuries in a tour bus accident.


There are many situations in which a tour bus driver can be found liable for his or her contributions to causing an injury. For instance, our Los Angeles tour bus accident attorneys can help show that:

  • You were a passenger on the tour bus and the driver was acting negligently–such as drinking and driving, texting while driving, or speeding.
  • You were the driver of another vehicle on the road and a negligent tour bus driver crashed into you.
  • You were a pedestrian on the road and the tour bus driver either lost control or was driving distracted and caused a severe collision.

The tour bus driver has a duty to provide all passengers on board and other drivers on the road with safety and care. Failing to do so makes them subject to legal action from a victim of injury and his or her lawyer.

The Tour Company

The tour company can hold liability in several different circumstances. For instance, they are responsible when the accident occurs because:

  • They fail to inspect the buses they own
  • They fail to ensure the bus company they work with is safe
  • They fail to hire trained professionals to drive the bus
  • They fail to perform a background check on a company or driver with whom they work
  • They fail to take action against a driver who has been negligent in the past

Similarly, if a driver is negligent, but the bus company employs that negligent driver, liability can fall on multiple parties–including the tour bus company. Filing a lawsuit against a company can seem tough, but you can receive help by working with our personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.


Not all tour companies own the buses they use to conduct their activities. Some utilize other companies to supply the vehicle  that tourists will use to get from one destination to the next.

Unfortunately, these companies often put profits over the safety of their passengers. At times, these companies fail to maintain their trucks and don’t report the needs of the truck to the tour company. They sweep problems under the rug and allow the tour company to use the bus without reporting the issues.

If the company is responsible for the drivers, they must also ensure they’re performing the necessary background checks on each driver they hire. Drivers should have proper training, a clean driving record, and be reasonably safe. This means no drinking and driving, distracted driving, or reckless driving should be on his or her record.

The Tour Destinations

Proving that a tour destination is negligent requires help from a skilled and experienced lawyer. You must show that the business owner knows of a potential danger on his or her grounds and did nothing to prevent serious injury.

There are many situations to consider when you are looking at the negligence of multiple parties following a minor to life-threatening accident. Was there another vehicle involved who caused the bus driver to maneuver suddenly? Is there a problem with the bus that requires maintenance or repair? Did anyone check to ensure the driver of the bus has no prior history of crashes?

An attorney well-versed in tour bus related accidents can help you look into every facet of the situation to determine who the negligent party is and what options may be available to pursue compensation.

Get A Los Angeles Bus Accident Lawyer On Your Side

One very important factor you should consider when filing a lawsuit is contributory negligence. In the case of a tour bus crash, there may be more than one party responsible for the damages and injuries you sustained. At Grey Law, we have proven time and time again that we have the knowledge, resources, and experience necessary to help our clients succeed. Trust that we go the extra mile to pursue the compensation you need moving forward.

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