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Airbag Injuries and Auto Accidents

Suffer An Airbag Injury In A Car Accident? What You Need To Know

As motor vehicles have evolved, they have been given many safety features in an effort to keep drivers and passengers safe. One of these has been airbags, which will deploy from a car’s dashboard upon impact in an accident. Though credited for saving countless lives, airbags have also been responsible for many unnecessary injuries and even deaths. If you were injured by an airbag deployment, you have the chance to be compensated for your injuries and other damages. However, to get the most compensation and come out a winner, you need to consult with Grey Law and discuss your case with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney who gets results in these cases.

How Can Airbags Cause Injuries?

Since airbags are made from very light fabric, many people question how airbag injuries can even occur. However, it is crucial to remember that airbags deploy incredibly fast during a crash, doing so in well under one second. In addition to the injuries that can occur when your head and chest make contact with the airbag, you may also suffer issues with dust and chemicals that are released upon deployment. When this occurs, you may suffer skin irritations and burns, along with eye damage that could impact your vision temporarily or perhaps permanently. Should this happen to you, speak to Grey Law and a car wreck lawyer who has extensive knowledge of how airbag injuries take place.

Crash Sensors

While airbags are set to deploy in crashes where a vehicle may only be going about 10 miles per hour, crash sensors sometimes malfunction, resulting in severe injuries to drivers and passengers. In many injury cases, the airbag’s crash sensor malfunctioned and deployed the airbag too late or even not at all. In other instances, only one airbag may have deployed, either on the driver’s side or the passenger’s side. Should an airbag deploy too late during a crash or at a time when it is not needed or expected, drivers and passengers may suffer severe head and neck injuries. If you have experienced such a situation and are now wondering what to do next, meet with an airbag injury lawyer in Los Angeles who is experienced in getting results regarding compensation.

Common Airbag Injuries

Since there are many types of common airbag injuries that take place in addition to head and neck injuries, you should always get immediate medical treatment. In doing so, you will get the medical help you need while also ensuring all injuries are entered into your medical records. As for other injuries that take place in these situations, many victims have burns or abrasions due to the airbag deploying so quickly and striking against their skin. Also, the dust and chemicals released during deployment often irritate eyes, skin, and lungs, and have been shown to be triggers for severe asthma attacks. If you suffered serious injuries from your vehicle’s airbag and are now facing numerous medical bills and a long layoff from your job, let a Grey Law attorney put their expertise to work for you and get you the maximum compensation.

Too Close to the Airbag

When airbag injuries occur, many auto manufacturers will blame drivers for sitting too close to the steering wheel while driving. Since the NHTSA has guidelines in place urging drivers to sit more than 10 inches from their steering wheel while driving, auto manufacturers and insurance companies will attempt to use this to their advantage in these cases. However, since most drivers will not be aware of these recommendations or have limitations that would make it impossible for them to sit this far away from the steering wheel, don’t let a technicality keep you from gaining compensation for your injuries. Instead, turn to an auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles who will fight hard in court to win your case.

Suing for Your Injuries

Once you have been injured by an airbag and decide to file a personal injury lawsuit through an injury lawyer, there may be multiple defendants who will be held responsible for your injuries. These usually include not only the automobile manufacturer and the airbag manufacturer, but also any party who inspected, maintained, or replaced the airbag in question prior to the accident and your injuries. Since this can fall into the area of product liability, many different factors will come into play that ultimately decide your lawsuit’s legal fate. To get the best results, work with a car accident attorney who also teams up with crash accident engineers, private investigators, and others who can unearth the facts and help you win your case.

Keep the Evidence

When car crashes occur that involve airbag deployment, many accident victims commit numerous mistakes that make it hard if not impossible for them to gain substantial compensation. As an example, victims whose vehicles are total losses often allow insurance companies to take possession of their vehicle. When this happens, the crash sensor will be tossed in the trash, while the car’s computer will be wiped clean. Should this happen, you have virtually no chance of winning any lawsuit you attempt to pursue. If an insurance company pressures you to let them take possession of your vehicle, do all you can to resist. If necessary, hire a car wreck compensation lawyer who Los Angeles airbag injury victims trust from Grey Law to handle all talks with the insurance company.

Hire a Lawyer with Experience

Finally, always hire an airbag injury law firm who has experience handling airbag injury cases. Due to the many parties that may be defendants in your case, it will be crucial your auto accident attorney have the experience, knowledge, and determination needed to fight hard for you and win your case. If you are currently suffering the effects of an airbag injury, don’t let others deny you the compensation that is needed by you and your family. Instead, consult with Grey Law and learn how you can be helped by an LA airbag injury lawyer.

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