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School Shooters – Is the Shooter’s Family Liable for Injuries or Deaths?

Legal Support for Child Injuries at School

School shootings have altered our idea of what safe learning conditions will be moving forward. With so many tragedies happening each year, we must still prepare for what can occur. In the U.S., there were seven school shootings so far this year; and a total of 66 incidents since 2018, according to a study conducted by Education Week journalists. Although the stay-at-home orders and social distancing regulations have halted the devastating shootings, it is on the rise yet again.

Across the country, many parents are grieving and mourning the loss of their children. Other parents fear for their children’s safety and help them prepare for the emotional toll a school shooting can bring. If your child has been injured or died at the hands of a school shooter, an accident injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you navigate through the trauma and long-term aftermath. This article will provide you with some insight into determining liability outside of the polarizing debates of gun control and reform. We understand no amount can bring back a loved one and ease your fear or concerns. But we can give you peace of mind as you deal with a few of the legalities.

Liability and Parent Actions

Parents seek immediate answers after a school shooting. No one imagines having to go through that experience. Sometimes the shock is so impactful that they might not know what to do at that moment. In many cases, the parents of the shooter turn into the liable party. However, an attorney for child injuries in LA would notify you that establishing liability for the deaths requires an investigation and a thorough assessment of the facts, which can take some time.

Given the spike in school shootings, the way claims get processed in court has changed over the years.

What Is Clear to Understand: A student bought a gun and targeted multiple students at school resulting in serious injuries or deaths.

What Is Unclear to Understand: The role the school shooter’s parents play in the incident. How did they contribute to such a misfortune?

For example, a lawyer for child injuries at school will investigate living conditions at home. If the shooter inflicted harm, the parents would get studied for patterns of negligence and abuse. Chances are, the actions increased the possibility of the student acting out. That is not to excuse their behavior but also to find a way and hold them all accountable. If the shooter survives, he or she might also explain the reason for their actions.

School Responsibility

Outside of the school shooter’s parents, the school might share partial responsibility. Bullying is a common concern that primarily affects students between the ages of 12-18. Whether it was a student or teacher who engaged in wrongful behavior, it could be argued that the school did nothing to stop these violent incidents in court. With no response or prompt action, those who can no longer take the violence might try to take matters into their own hands to reprimand.

Parents of The Bully

During the investigation, if the legal team finds that the school shooter got bullied, your lawyer might be able to hold them accountable for the loss of your child or child’s injuries as well. A violent reaction to having happened indicates it may have gone on for a while without intervention from a teacher, other parents, friends, and school staff. Parents shoulder a lot of responsibility for the student that takes a gun and shoots up a school. So do the parents who mirror abusive behavior or bullying at home.

Review of Liability and Filing a Claim

As a parent of an injured or deceased, we understand your urgency. In California, you have two years to file a personal injury claim. Keep in mind, most of the time is centered on an investigation so that you receive maximum compensation for your child’s damages. In a school shooting, gunshot wounds can cause life-threatening injuries such as:

  • Severe bleeding
  • Damages to tissues and organs
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Infected wounds
  • Paralysis and spinal cord injuries

Without an attorney for school shooting injuries in LA, it can become such a battle to preserve and present evidence for your case. Unlike common personal injury cases, your child will not have the chance to take photographic evidence or assess the scene of the accident for vital information. That is why it is best to have an attorney on your side. For any form of financial restitution, they must prove that:

  • The direct actions of the shooter’s parents lent a hand in the tragic incident and increased the chances of unexpected gun use to inflict harm on students.
  • Parents of a school bully might share the blame if he or she was harmed emotionally or physically at school every day. The parents excused their behavior and engaged in similar behaviors at home.
  • The school failed to act before the shooting, which prompted the violent act down the road.

An experienced lawyer must gather information about how the parents and school officials acted to clarify if they were negligent in the shooter’s care and well-being.

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