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Building Collapses, Injuries, and Lawsuits Based on Negligence

Did You Get Injured on A Construction Site? Consult With an Injury Attorney!

Just a few days ago, a tragedy struck the East Coast. A residential building collapsed in South Florida, killing many innocent victims, with more than 100 still unaccounted. The lawsuits that would ensue in the next few months are numerous. But the question remains: who would the legal claim involve? Negligent construction can lead to several lawsuits among many parties including, the building over, general contractor, subcontractor, architects, or engineers. However, it can be a challenging process to pursue alone without the help of a construction injury attorney in Los Angeles.

Poorly developed buildings can injure construction workers and non-workers alike. In the end, tenants would probably go after anyone involved to recover damages for premises liability and wrongful death. Not all construction injury lawsuits are as drastic, but this has been a frequent occurrence over the years. Should you find yourself in a legal bender, this article can guide you through the basics of:

  • Property damage, and
  • Personal injury stemming from negligent construction.

Negligent Construction Lawsuits for Property Damages in California

It might feel like a setback or defeat after discovering a flaw in the design with any construction project. Even more so if it caused others pain and suffering or unimaginable damage. Construction defects go beyond specs and plans. In California, property owners can sue a construction company for poor development or an employee’s mistakes (to an extent). If you, for example, were responsible for a mismeasurement or improperly used a tool, an employer may be “vicariously liable” for your actions. Although you are slightly protected, you should still consult with an injury lawyer in LA to be sure.

Every construction project gets regulated by a series of contracts. In them are detailed outlines of the responsibilities for each party involved. When something goes wrong, liability gets established per contract law. For example, if a construction worker walks away after completing half of a job, they would be responsible for failing to uphold the agreement. Additionally, failure to follow through might mean losing entitlement for pay for not completing the task.

In the contract, everyone involved in the construction process is a “professional” held to a “standard of care” and responsibility. Walking away from it could make everyone liable for harm or defect. Construction defects often pose more legalities. A Los Angeles construction lawyer can further explain what it means in accordance with your case. A few critical questions that you should consider before starting the job are:

  • What do the contracts mean? Is liability assigned or provide for indemnification?
  • Can a layperson assign fault for the defect? If so, which party?
  • What is the cost of fixing a defect?
  • Is there a reduced value of the completed project?
  • Was the error because of an engineering or subcontractor mistake?
  • Does it create a safety hazard?

Negligent Construction Lawsuits for Personal Injuries

Pursuing a legal case in the construction industry can get complicated. As a construction worker, you need to perform well in even the extraordinarily challenging projects that require excessive labor, heavy machinery, or heights. Anything can go wrong, adding to the number of work-related injuries that happen in construction annually. If you need to pursue compensation for damages, you might want to ask yourself, or a Los Angeles construction injury attorney, a few of the following questions:

  • Do workers’ compensation rules apply to my case?
  • Who holds responsibility for safety at the construction site?
  • Did OSHA standards or California regulations get violated?
  • Was the injury sudden? That gets commonly seen in electrical burn injuries or back sprains from heavy lifting.
  • Did the employer provide safety equipment on the job? Was it available to use?
  • Was safety training available to prevent your injury?
  • Were co-workers at the same construction site facing similar injuries?

Injured persons who do not work in the industry can also reach out to a construction accident lawyer in LA for advice, especially if they’ve lost their home or got hurt. A legal professional might ask:

  • Was the victim a motorist, adult, or child?
  • Where was the victim located at the time of the accident?
  • Were there warning signs near the location of injury?
  • Was the construction site visible – with adequate warning?
  • Did the injuries occur before or after the construction job?
  • Were industry standards violated?

In the end, negligent construction lawsuits will look different for everyone. It is best to avoid acting alone and seek advice from an experienced attorney before filing a claim.

We Help with Lawsuits Regarding Building Collapses

Unfortunately, none of us can predict when a building collapse will happen. Whether it occurred because of a construction mistake, renovation, or demolition project, survivors must act promptly. In California, the Statute of Limitations for a construction accident is two years to file a lawsuit from the date of injury or loss. The impact is often catastrophic.

At Grey Law, we want to help injured employees, victims, and their loved ones get the restitution they deserve. We know how insurance companies operate and go after survivors. When you contact us to review your case, we will make every effort to help those suffering.

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