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Types of Dog Bite Injuries

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Every year in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate 4.5 million Americans sustain dog bites. Of these, 900,000 victims sustain injuries serious enough to require medical attention. In fact, due to the viscous nature of these attacks, 27,000 people underwent reconstructive surgery in 2012 to repair damage sustained from their bites. Unfortunately, many incidents involve children being bitten by pit bulls and rottweilers, which account for almost 70% of all fatal dog attacks. While overall there are few fatalities with dog bites, a variety of injuries do occur. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a vicious bite due to the negligence of the dog’s owner, here is additional information on common injuries, and how a knowledgeable attorney can assist you with filing a lawsuit.

Puncture And Tearing Wounds

When a dog bites, its fangs puncture and tear the flesh of the person in its grasp. The most common injuries associated with them are punctured and torn wounds that require immediate medical attention, since they can lead to infections and other serious medical problems. In addition, tearing wounds often result in damage that requires reconstructive surgery, as do the many deep scratches often sustained due to sharp teeth or clawing from paws. If you or a family member have sustained serious injuries such as these, contact David Grey of the Grey Law Firm, a canine bite lawyer in Los Angeles residents can trust to help them obtain maximum compensation for their injuries.


Unfortunately when a dog attack occurs, the areas of a person most often affected are areas of the face such as nose, lips, and cheeks. In fact, hospitals in the United States treat an average of 44,000 dog bite facial injuries each year. But whether the bites occur on a person’s face or other areas of their body, the result is often injuries that leave disfiguring scars that require multiple reconstructive surgeries. No matter whether the victim is an adult or child, these attacks and the subsequent disfigurement can be extremely traumatic, leading to a variety of physical and emotional difficulties. Since treating these injuries will be very expensive, contact a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to discuss your options for filing a lawsuit against those responsible for the injuries.

Psychological And Emotional Injuries

While many people focus only on the physical injuries sustained due to dog bites, the emotional and psychological injuries associated with these injuries can be just as, and if not, more devastating. For many victims, post-traumatic stress disorder, known better as PTSD, is a result of these attacks. Problems victims experience from PTSD include trouble sleeping, flashbacks about the attack, nightmares, constant fear for their safety, emotional withdrawal, and problems concentrating. As a result, victims in these instances may require years of intense counseling, which can be extremely expensive and disruptive to one’s life. Because of this, victims should consult with an attorney with a track record of success in winning dog bite cases, such as David Grey of the Grey Law Firm.


Rabies is a serious disease affecting the brain and nervous system and can be fatal if not treated in time. Transmitted through the saliva of the animal during the bite, victims of these attacks should seek medical attention immediately on the assumption the dog may have had rabies. When an attack occurs, it is best if the dog can be identified and caught by authorities, since this will allow them to test for rabies. However, if this is not possible, victims will be required to undergo a series of six shots over a 28-day period. If treatment is not started quickly after the bite, death may occur. Therefore, if you or a family member have been forced to undergo rabies shots, or if a family member has died of rabies resulting from a brutal bite, seek legal counsel to discuss the details of filing a claim.

Head And Brain Injuries

If a dog bites a victim’s head, it can lead to serious injuries. In addition, many victims of these attacks fall during the attack, hitting their head on grass, pavement, or hard objects. When this happens, skull fractures or traumatic brain injuries can result, sometimes leading to permanent disability. When this occurs, always consult with a lawyer to help file a lawsuit and obtain compensation for these injuries.

Broken Bones

When being attacked by a dog, it is only natural for victims to attempt to run away. But when they do, they often fall and sustain broken bones, making a bad situation even worse. In addition, since many larger breeds have very strong jaws, their bites can crush bones, even when victims are wearing multiple layers of clothing. These injuries will usually require surgery and physical therapy.


Sadly, many victims of dog bite attacks die from their injuries, especially when the victims are young children. According to statistics from the CDC, from 2005-2012, 251 dog bite victims died from their injuries. When this occurs, the surviving family members are left wondering what to do next when it comes to finances, child care, housing, and other concerns. To make sure the survivors receive the financial compensation they deserve, it is best to work with legal counsel that will fight hard to seek maximum compensation for a victim’s family members.

Rather than let an owner get away with letting their pet potentially ruin your life or a loved one’s life, let our lawyers at Grey Law Firm work on building a strong case for you.

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