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4 Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Stay Safe While Riding

Motorcycles are a much more eco friendly and inexpensive way to get around than cars, but their exposed nature makes their riders much more susceptible to a serious injury following a crash. In 2017, over 5,000 American motorcyclists were killed in roadway accidents, and 89,000 suffered injuries while riding on their bike. Motorcyclists are at an increased risk of being involved in an accident due to having to share the roads with cars, buses, and trucks that don’t always see their less visible and smaller vehicles.

In the event that you’re in a crash, it’s always useful to seek legal consultation to ensure you’re compensated for your injuries and the property damage to your motorcycle. However, any auto accident lawyer can tell you that fault isn’t always completely on the other driver and that the motorcyclist’s negligence can sometimes contribute to the crash and their injuries, as well.

For example, 90% of cyclists that are involved in accidents admit to not taking professional lessons. Self-teaching or relying on friends to teach you is not sufficient when it comes to operating a motorcycle on the open road. Some states even require that you take a safety course in order to get a motorcycling license.

Driving safety is paramount to understand before hitting the road. Following the safety tips listed below is much easier, and less painful, than seeking an attorney for motorcycle accident compensation following your crash.

Wear a Helmet 

Injuries to the head and neck are the main cause of death, severe injury, and disability among motorcyclists. Furthermore, head and neck injuries result in high medical costs and frequently require specialized or long term care, which only increases medical bills.

Wearing a helmet decreases the severity of injuries by about 72% and decreases the likelihood of death by up to 39%, according to WHO. A helmet serves to protect the skull from directly colliding with the road or oncoming vehicle, and it also lessens the chance for traumatic brain damage since the inner padding of a helmet absorbs some of the impact and prevents the brain from hitting against the skull as hard.

A full-face helmet offers the greatest amount of coverage and protection to its wearer. Those living in warmer climates may gravitate towards a half-face helmet, but these do not provide as much impact protection and do not cover the jaw area at all.

Wearing some form of head protection will decrease your risk of needing to contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney following your accident.

Wear Protective Clothing

Wearing a helmet only protects the head and neck areas, but traffic collisions can also result in injuries to the body, like broken bones, internal bleeding, and road rash. In addition to wearing a helmet, motorcyclists benefit from wearing protective clothing.

Gloves provide better grip on the handles of the motorcycle, and they also protect the hands in the event of a crash. Choosing a safe jacket that is sturdy and functional is important as well. Leather and synthetic jackets provide the most protection, and it should be noted that the classic leather moto jacket is not actually very protective when it comes to a crash.

Don’t Drink and Ride 

Alcohol impairs your judgement, balance, and reaction times, which are all crucial senses while you are navigating. Even though .08% is the BAC deemed unsafe for driving, motorcyclists are in danger even with less alcohol than that.  About 46% of riders killed in accidents, had some amount of alcohol in their blood at the time of death.

Avoid Road Hazards 

Irregularities in pavement and road debris may not even phase someone driving a car, but these road hazards can prove injurious or even fatal to someone on a two-wheeled vehicle. Cities will quickly repair roadblocks that could hinder a car, but those that exclusively affect cyclists and motorcyclists are often overlooked.

Common roadway hazards that endanger motorcyclists are potholes, cracks, pavement ridges, and metal plates. Since balance is so crucial to operating a motorcycle, bumps and texture on the road can throw you off-balance and cause a fall.

Cities are meant to keep roads safe, and it’s possible that a poorly maintained road can be the cause of your accident. Reaching out to a motor vehicle injury lawyer in Los Angeles can provide information on how to win compensation for your crash if it was the result of unsafe road conditions.

Consulting With a Personal Injury Attorney

Any accident can be expensive, and you’ll likely have medical bills to cover in addition to repairs for your bike. Meeting with a lawyer can give you a game plan on how to get your life and finances back on track following an accident.

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