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How Much is My Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim Worth?

Let Us Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve After a Motorcycle Accident

You love your motorcycle. Riding it gives you a sense of freedom and flexibility. You ride with power and style. You also know the importance of safety. You are not one to take risks while riding, and you follow all the rules of the road. Not everyone adheres to this ethos. There are negligent and reckless drivers of motor vehicles, and you must be constantly on the lookout for them. Unfortunately, you may not always be able to act fast enough to prevent an accident.

If you have been the victim of a crash that was the fault of the other driver, it is right for you to hold them accountable. Hiring a Los Angeles personal injury attorney is your first move toward doing so.

Why You Must Act After a Motorcycle Crash

Fewer motorcyclists walk away from an accident without injury. If you are one of the lucky ones, your injuries may turn out to be light. Even in this instance, you should hire an injury lawyer to claim money for the repair of your bike, loss of wages, and the cost of your visit to the hospital.

If you were in a serious accident, you may not remember what happened after it. Such an accident takes the matter out of your hands and into those of emergency medical professionals. You may need extensive surgery to save your life. If you were knocked unconscious or put into a coma, it may be a long time before you wake up and realize what has happened to you.

You have no choice but to act after a serious accident. You will eventually need to deal with the expense of your emergency treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery. You will also need to make up for the income you have lost while in hospital. Things can become especially complicated if the accident caused a permanent injury. This may make it impossible for you to go back to work, and you may require in-home care and assistance.

Moving Forward with a Lawyer

As you recover from your accident, the first people you will want to see are your family and friends. However, you should speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles sooner rather than later. A motorcycle accident lawyer will help you explore your options. They will also ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

If it is clear that the accident was the fault of the other driver, then their insurance company may be on the hook for paying all your claims. Insurance companies are not out to serve the interests of their clients; their main purpose is to make money, and they do so by short changing accident victims. You should not accept any offer from an insurance company without first consulting with your lawyer. In fact, you should have no direct dealings with any insurance representative. Leave all communications with them to your lawyer to save time and energy. It will also save you from saying or doing anything that will undermine your case.

Liability and Damages

The firm strives to accomplish one goal – getting you the most money possible. To that end, they will need to first establish who is liable for your injuries.

Your lawyer will bring in professional investigators to gather all the evidence related to the crash. The investigators will go to the place where it occurred and review any traffic camera footage available. They will also interview all witnesses to the crash. They may find one among them who captured the entire accident on their cell phone camera, which can go a long way toward proving your version of events.

The investigators will also inquire into the driver. If the latter was overtired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your legal team will know about it and use it to strengthen your case.

An independent medical expert will assess your injuries. They can make a statement detailing the seriousness of your condition and how it will affect your life in the near future.

Once liability for the accident has been established, your lawyer will be ready to start talking damages. You are entitled to damages for the following:

-Your medical bills, including medication and rehabilitation therapy

-Lost income, including any bonuses you may have been up for

-Loss of your earning capacity

-Pain and suffering

The last of these is not capable of exact calculation. However, there are precedents that can be used as guides. An experienced attorney well-versed in bike related accident compensation will know what is fair in your particular case. They will rely on settlements they have gotten for past clients and other recent accident cases that are similar to yours.

Getting You the Most Money with the Least Hassle

If you were in a serious accident, it will take you some time to recover physically and mentally. Even when you leave the hospital, it may take you some time to get your strength back. The last thing you want to be put through is a civil trial. The litigation can be lengthy and emotionally burdensome. Your attorney for motorcycle accident compensation will do everything they can to avoid going to trial.

To be sure, a court trial can lead to a huge settlement. Juries tend to be sympathetic to people who have suffered horrific injuries through no fault of their own. However, it may not be worth putting yourself and your family through such an ordeal. In any case, the best accident lawyer can bring enough compelling evidence to bear to pressure the respondent into offering a good settlement. They will use the facts of the accident to establish a high value for the case. They will then fight for an offer that meets or exceeds this amount. If the other side does not make an offer that is commensurate with all you have been through and suffered, only then will your lawyer push for a trial.

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