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10 Tips To Prevent Workplace Injuries

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Even in the best workplaces, you can still be injured. When this happens, your injuries may be broken bones, head injuries, neck and back injuries, or others that hinder your ability to return to work for weeks or months. Should this happen, you will need to work with an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney to gain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you are wondering how your employer can prevent you from having a workplace injury, here are 10 ways to do so.
Have a Company Safety and Wellness Plan
While companies large and small should have a safety and wellness plan in place, few actually do. Since these plans focus on encouraging employees to report hazardous practices or conditions, many companies prefer to look the other way in these situations. If you believe your injuries were due in part to such actions, speak to a workers compensation attorney at Grey Law.

Conducting Pre-placement Physicals
In many situations, employees are placed into jobs that are beyond their physical capabilities. When this happens, serious injuries almost always result. If your employer failed to properly match your physical capabilities with your job, schedule a meeting with a workplace accident attorney at once.

Properly Educate Employees and Management
To help avoid many workplace accidents and injuries, proper education and training of employees and management is necessary. By failing to provide proper training and cultivate a culture of safety within the workplace, an employer is putting you at increased risk. If you believe this lack of action contributed to your injuries, rely on a work injury attorney in Los Angeles at Grey Law to give you advice on your legal options.

Research Safety Concerns
Since no two businesses will have the very same safety concerns, it is crucial your employer pay close attention to specific areas that could lead to workplace injuries. Because of this, your employer should not only keep track of the most common accidents that occur at your job, but also develop strategies that keep them from happening. By failing to do so, your employer is exhibiting a sense of negligence and carelessness regarding worker safety. If you feel this has taken place with your employer and led to your injuries, consult with the best workplace injury lawyers at Grey Law.

Provide Personal Protection Equipment
From goggles and hard hats to gloves, safety shoes, earplugs, and more, an employer should not only provide you with personal protection equipment, but also train you in its proper usage. If this does not happen, your employer could be held liable for your injuries. Therefore, speak to a Los Angeles personal injury attorney at Grey Law.

Proper Staffing Levels
When an employer fails to have proper staffing levels, accidents and injuries are far more likely to happen. In many cases, employees are forced to work overtime to compensate for these low levels, and thus become tired or cut corners to meet employer demands that are often unreasonable. If this has happened to you, hold your employer accountable by consulting with a workers compensation attorney at Grey Law.

Don’t Take Shortcuts
To reduce the chances of workplace injuries, employees should always have clear and organized instructions as to how tasks should be performed. However, since many employers are more interested in profits over safety, this fails to occur. If you were not given proper instructions on tasks prior to being injured on the job, contact a workplace accident attorney immediately.

Properly Maintain Company Vehicles
According to OSHA, work-related driving accidents involving company vehicles cost employers $60 billion annually. Thus, your employer should always regularly inspect and provide required maintenance on all vehicles once problems are detected. If this did not happen and led to your workplace injuries, don’t sit back and do nothing. Instead, consult with a work injury attorney in Los Angeles at Grey Law.

Monitor Safety Protocols
Once safety measures are put in place, an employer is responsible for ensuring they are maintained. This is done primarily through regular staff meetings, training sessions, and other updates. When this does not happen, you are more likely to be injured while at work. If your employer has failed to monitor safety protocols and thus set the stage for you being injured, meet with the best workplace injury lawyers available at Grey Law.

Keeping a Neat and Orderly Workplace
Finally, your employer is responsible for keeping the workplace as neat and orderly as possible. This includes cleaning up spills, keeping aisles and other areas free of debris and other materials, and having areas properly marked to indicate where walking is permitted. If any or all of this has not been done and led to you being injured, schedule your consultation today with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney at Grey Law.

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