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Product Liability Claims Involving Defective Cars

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Whether it is a car that was sold to you despite having tires a manufacturer knew were prone to blowouts, a SUV that had a design flaw causing it to roll over, or even a motorcycle or ATV that failed to function properly, these are just a few examples of how thousands of people each year are injured by defective vehicles. When these accidents take place, the victims find themselves dealing with numerous broken bones and fractures, traumatic brain injuries, back injuries, and in extreme cases paralysis or even amputation. Yet despite whatever injuries take place, those responsible for the accidents, namely vehicle manufacturers and others, will do all they can to put the blame on victims in order to avoid paying compensation. If you have been the victim of a defective vehicle and are now wanting to pursue a product liability claim, consulting with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney at Grey Law should be your first step in the process.

Defective Manufacturing

In many of these situations, it is discovered the vehicle in question was improperly manufactured, thus leading to the accident. For example, if a car’s battery was not properly manufactured yet still placed in the car, this would be the focus of your product liability claim. Since vehicles have hundreds if not thousands of parts, even the slightest defect during manufacturing can have devastating results once a vehicle is on the road. If you believe the injuries you sustained were due to driving a vehicle that was manufactured incorrectly, consult soon with a defective car attorney in Los Angeles accident victims rely on for their sound advice and excellent judgement.

Dangerous Designs

Though the design process for vehicles of any kind is very complex and detail-oriented, mistakes still happen far more than most people realize. Even with vehicles undergoing numerous tests to ensure their safety, engineers can still make mistakes along the way. Unfortunately, most of these mistakes are not realized until many unsuspecting drivers are involved in serious accidents. When you have been involved in a vehicle accident, your lawyer will immediately know the vehicle you were driving has a history of being involved in accidents. Because of this, your attorney can use this to your advantage when dealing with insurance companies and the legal team for the vehicle manufacturer, increasing the chances you will gain the compensation you need and deserve.

Identifying the Defendants

When you are injured in one of these accidents, it is vital you pursue legal representation to identify all the parties who were in some way responsible for your accident. While you may initially believe the vehicle manufacturer will be the only defendant, this is rarely the case. In fact, along with the vehicle manufacturer, your lawsuit may also name a parts manufacturer, specific engineers and designers, the car dealership that sold the vehicle to you, and even the company responsible for shipping the vehicle to the dealership where you later bought the vehicle. Due to there being a much larger chain of distribution than most victims realize in these cases, always seek advice from an experienced lawyer when filing a product liability claim involving a defective vehicle.

Another Person’s Vehicle

When it comes to defective cars and product liability claims, the vehicle you were driving at the time of your accident does not necessarily have to belong to you. For example, if you were driving a vehicle you borrowed from a friend or were struck by another driver who was driving a vehicle that was defective, you can still file a personal injury lawsuit to gain compensation for your damages. Since it will take an attorney who has the experience and knowledge needed to uncover key evidence in these complex cases, immediately hire the services of Grey Law to handle your case.

Traffic Accident Claims

When a traffic accident takes place where one or both drivers were driving vehicles later deemed to be defective, it may be possible to have both a traffic accident claim as well as a product liability claim. In these situations, you could file a traffic accident claim against the driver who struck you, while at the same time filing a product liability claim against a vehicle manufacturer and others. Should you find yourself in such a situation, be prepared for a massive legal fight put forth by vehicle manufacturers and the other driver’s legal team and insurance company. Rather than trust your case to an attorney who may only occasionally handle defective vehicle cases, choose instead to hire a lawyer that has an excellent track record winning product liability cases.

Reaching a Settlement

While vehicle manufacturers and others may initially fight hard to keep from paying you any compensation, they often ultimately decide it is best to work with your lawyer who can pressure insurance companies into paying out maximum amounts of compensation. For many auto manufacturers, the last thing they want to deal with is negative publicity surrounding vehicles that may gain a reputation for being unsafe. Thus, rather than risk losing millions of dollars in sales and having a jury award you an exceptionally high dollar amount for your damages, they will instead choose to settle the case out-of-court. To ensure the settlement reached will indeed give you the money you need, put your case in the capable hands of Grey Law.

When you are seeking a lawyer to assist you with your product liability claim involving a defective vehicle, look no further than the experienced professionals at Grey Law. Possessing years of knowledge regarding these cases, they can get to work and help you gain the compensation you need to pay for medical treatment and lost wages. To get started, contact Grey Law today and schedule a consultation to discuss the details of your accident.

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