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Uber Lyft Accident Phases

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Many people have taken to the road professionally. Uber and Lyft allow people to supplement their income by moonlighting as drivers. The industry has grown so suddenly and so rapidly in the last decade that very few controls have been implemented. If you have a driver’s license and are without a criminal record, you can become a rideshare driver. The great advantage of doing the job is the flexibility it offers. You get to set your own schedule and hours of work. You can take time off when you need to, and you get to choose the places you drive to.

Driving for Uber or Lyft is not without its downsides. The company offers almost no protection for drivers involved in an accident. Even if you are a careful and conscientious driver, you may not be able to avoid an accident. In the busy and bustling roads and highways of Los Angeles, you are bound to come across a reckless or negligent driver. If you are hit by one of them and suffer injuries, then you can make a claim against your employer.

Why You Should Fight

As a rideshare driver, you will use your own vehicle to transport passengers. The company you work for expects you to have adequate coverage. But even if you have a policy that you think offers good coverage, it may not be enough to cover your medical bills and property damage if you get into an accident. To get your life back on track, you may need to claim compensation from the company you drove for.

Uber and Lyft are at the center of a billion-dollar industry. The two companies have grown rich and powerful, and it may seem pointless and futile to go up against them. But if the accident has put you in financial difficulties, it will be worth pursuing your claim. A Los Angeles injury attorney can help you do so.

The Los Angeles personal injury attorney you hire will sit down with you and ask you to recall the exact circumstances that led to your accident. Once they have a sense of your situation, they will begin laying out options and developing a legal strategy.

Most accidents involving Uber and Lyft vehicles prioritize the needs of the passengers. But if you have also been injured, then it is right to pursue your rights and interests. An Uber/Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles can help.

The Stages

You only work for Uber or Lyft when you are logged into the ridesharing app. If you are logged into the latter when a collision occurs, then the company does have some liability. The amount of coverage you receive depends on the driver stage you are in.

1. First stage

This applies to drivers who are logged into the app but are without waiting customers. In this stage, you are on the clock but not on a specific job. If you are involved in an accident while in this stage, then you should expect compensation up to $100,000 for injuries and $25,000 for property damage.

These sums reflect the company’s liability insurance. You will have to pay for your own repairs if you caused the accident.

2. Second stage

This stage is for drivers who are logged into the app and have received a ride request. If you are involved in an accident while in route to collect your fare, you can collect up to $1 million. You will be able to collect all your money regardless of fault and the coverage of the other driver.

3. Third stage

This is for rideshare drivers involved in an accident while carrying passengers. You will be eligible for up to $1 million in liability coverage.

After the Accident

Your work to get justice begins right after the accident. Unless you are knocked unconscious or otherwise seriously injured, you should take charge of the scene. You should check the state of your passengers, and then call emergency services. Stay on the line while you go to the other vehicle involved in the crash. The operator will want to know their status as well.

When the police show up, you should answer their questions honestly. However, you should not say anything that puts you at fault for the accident. If at any time you feel uncomfortable answering questions, you should stop the interview and tell the officer that you want to consult with a lawyer before proceeding. You should also take photographs of the scene and the damage done to both vehicles with your cell phone. If there are people who witnessed the accident, be sure to speak to them. You can even ask them permission to record their statements on your phone. Always get the contact details of witnesses before you let them go.

You will also need to go to the hospital for a medical examination. You should do this even if you cannot discern serious injury.

At some point, you will need to speak to a rideshare accident lawyer in Los Angeles. If your vehicle has been seriously damaged, you may need to put in a claim for repairs. If you sustained serious injury as a result of the accident, you will need the help of a traffic accident lawyer in Los Angeles to pay your bills.

The Only People on Your Side

Lawyers for Uber drivers are on the side of all those who work to deliver efficient and professional transportation services. To your passengers, you are just a driver. To the rideshare company, you are a means of making profit, likewise for your insurance company. Lawyers for Uber drivers are the only ones who will be on your side.

The primary aim of your car accident attorney in the Los Angeles area will be to get you all the money you are entitled to. Even if you are eligible for liability insurance money, the ridesharing company you drive for will put up a fight. You must leave all negotiation and communication with them to your ridesharing accident attorney in Los Angeles. You should not accept any deals without consulting with your accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

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