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When Is A Public Swimming Pool Liable?

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As summer draws near, most places are planning on re-opening public pools if they have not already. Most owners ensure that their pools are regularly maintained and are equipped properly before use. But even the most adequately prepared pool manager can misstep, and because of it you or a loved one can get hurt. If you were the victim of a public swimming pool injury, reach out to an injury lawyer in LA.

Assessing Your Public Swimming Pool Case
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2017 alone there were 3,709 pool-related wrongful deaths from drowning or submersion. Although the average of unintentional drownings that occurred each year between 2005 and 2014 alone, was a little over 3,500. The remaining 332 reports regarded drowning from boat-related incidents.

The data alone is enough to show that there are underlying hazards most people are unaware of that can increase one’s chances of getting hurt. When you retain a swimming pool injury attorney in LA, he will assess the credibility of or case and whether it is work filing a lawsuit for damages caused.

Swimming Pool Injuries
Most victims of swimming pool injuries associate one’s inability to swim as the main cause of pool-related accidents. That is an inaccurate assumption. You can get injured from simple design flaws to law-quality equipment. You and your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can recover damages if you sustained the following:

  • Slip-and-fall injuries such as sprains and broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injurieslike concussions
  • Spinal injuries from diving into shallow pools
  • Cuts or bruises from sharp edges and rough surfaces
  • Skin irritation from pool chemicals
  • Getting trapped through powerful drain suction

Common Pool-Related Injury Categories to Build A Strong Claim

Several categories cover swimming pool injuries and deaths when you file a claim:

Poorly Designed Pools
Public pool owners have a responsibility to make sure they choose the right pool for their premises. If not, they should at least put up caution signs to warn visitors about the risks associated when they take a dip in the pool. One of the common liabilities you can file a claim for are poorly designed pools. If the was pool wasn’t designed to accommodate deep water dives, or upper management failed to provide adequate warning about its shallow depth, you can get hurt.

For example, when the site manager installs a pool with a diving board and slides it should follow a specific criterion. The length of the slide and board must extend out far enough to accommodate divers. Similarly, if the pool is too shallow, they should reconsider installing them in the first place. Insufficient planning can result in someone suffering from a brain injury or suffering a blow near their spine. Those injuries alone can put a financial strain on you and your family, as it requires extensive treatment and long-term rehabilitation. Paying attention to how a pool is designed and installed matters. When it doesn’t meet an owner’s expectations appropriate warnings should be posted around the pool surface.

Cloudy Water
Avoid getting into the pool when the water is cloudy, or of a milky color. It signifies unsanitary conditions and lack of pool maintenance. Similarly, a lifeguard’s view is obstructed from seeing when swimmers are in distress.

Cloudy water is caused by an imbalanced unsafe level of chlorine, clogged filters, algae, or debris to name a few. Of the listed concerns, there are two that can build a strong legal case:

Imbalanced chemicals – if the pool water is anything other than a clear aqua blue, it indicates there may be too much or too little chlorine. Or that the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels are imbalanced.

Faulty Filter – pool filtration is a vital part of maintaining safe conditions. If it hasn’t been changed frequently, is clogged you should expect there to be little pool water circulation.

Neither should be overlooked. Imbalanced pool chemicals and unfiltered water can also cause:

  • Eye damage
  • Redness of the skin and eyes
  • Pain
  • Chemical burns

If you experienced any of these symptoms you should immediately seek emergency treatment and consult with a public pool accident lawyer to fight aggressively on your behalf to recover financial restitution.

Improper Installation or Maintained Drain Gates
When drain covers break or gets removed without warning in a public pool there can be serious repercussions. If, for example, a child plays around the area, they can quickly fall victim to a drowning accident. What is known as a “suction entrapment” holds victims in place making it hard to break free and escape.

The drain gate should be properly maintained to prevent someone’s foot, or clothing from getting stuck. Unfortunately, most swimmers are often not rescued in time. California law states pool owners must have appropriate drain covers. Additionally, every suction drain must be equipped with an immediate release function or automatic system that can shut off the drain.

Inadequate Staffing and Poor Training
This is the most straightforward process and category that you can recover from. Property owners must professionally train and prepare staff on what to do in the event of an emergency. Pool staff should know how to rescue swimmers, deliver CPR, and basic lifesaving skills. Similarly, they should have easy access to pool equipment when needed, like rescue rings and AED’s (Automatic External Defibrillators) for injured persons on site.

Why Choose Grey Law for Swimming-Pool Accidents?

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Proving a public swimming pool accident is not easy. In many circumstances, there may be more than one liable person involved when you file a claim. Hiring a pool accident lawyer in Los Angeles will make a significant difference in your case results. When you or a loved one are injured due to negligence, carelessness, or wrongful acts of another person, David Grey is ready to help. Seeking compensation or negotiating with insurance companies can be stressful, especially while recovering. Let us do that for you.

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