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Preventing Train Accidents

Train Passenger Safety

Accidents involving trains occur more frequently than most people realize. Whether they happen to drivers or pedestrians, the available data can be shocking. In fact, statistics show that they happen at an average of every 115 minutes or so. Trains also collide with other trains or objects at an alarming rate of every 90 minutes.

These kinds of train accidents are often fatal or cause serious injuries that can require months of physical therapy. The time away from work and the lost wages can be overwhelming, especially if the victims do not have a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney on their side.

There are several ways to avoid getting into a car or Truck Accident with a moving train. If you find yourself near a railroad track, always expect that a train is coming even if you don’t see one. Designated railroad track crossings are the safest places to cross, so look out for railroad crossing signs and pay close attention to the changing signals.

Pedestrians might also be at high risk while crossing railroad tracks if they are not particularly careful. Most people mistakenly assume that trains move relatively slowly, and that is a misconception. Freight trains move at an average speed of 55 miles per hour and can take more than a mile to come to a complete stop.

Sometimes an accident with a train might not be the victim’s fault. Train signals at a railroad crossing might not work properly. There is also the chance of human error on the train conductor’s part, or even intoxication. If you have been in a car or truck accident involving a train, you need personal injury protection.

Our personal injury attorney understands the laws governing accidents involving moving trains and domestic or commercial vehicles. Railroad crossings are regulated on a state level and, in California, they are regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission. Our injury lawyer in Los Angeles will understand that railroad companies are powerful corporate entities with unlimited resources to successfully and easily fight injury claims. This is especially true if the victims of these accidents are not well prepared with adequate personal injury protection.

Having a train accident attorney in Los Angeles can mean the difference between suffering with pain for the rest of your life or having the resources you need to completely recover from such an unfortunate event. Call one of our metro accident lawyers today so that you understand the laws and regulations regarding your case.

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